'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Last Hero Standing... Falls Down
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Last Hero Standing... Falls Down
We might as well call next week's finale Survivor: "Hero" vs Villains. There's only one Hero left, and judging from the past three months or so, I don't think you can call him a Hero. There was a flash of brilliance (of sorts) when he allied with Tom and got himself in hot water for it, but at other times, Colby acted like he just wanted to go home.

"Let's take the afternoon off and not worry about tonight, because I'll be going home anyway." Remember that?

Fine, so he's in the final five, and nobody can tell what else he can pull off. But the numbers are against him and he hasn't done well in the challenges. Compared to Russell, Parvati or even Jerri, Colby might as well cower behind Jeff during the vote whispering, "I wanna go home, Jeff!"

Okay, fine, I'm being too harsh. And nobody knows whether his passive stance throughout the season--that's a euphemism, by the way--could actually bring him to the final three. But I'm certain he won't be getting any votes for doing nothing.

That brings me to Jerri. She has also played a passive game this season. Maybe too passive: lately she's allowed herself to be manipulated by Russell. Maybe that means hanging on to his coattails, but it isn't going to get her far... unless she ends up with Russell and Colby in the final three. Considering the last-minute wrangling going on, I won't be surprised if we end up with such an outcome.

But in a perfect world, the strongest competitors would end up in the final three. There's Russell, who'll definitely face another apathetic jury if he makes it that far. There's Sandra, who's playing the smartest game so far. Sandra's kept out of the fighting for the most part, but she's not afraid to pull some punches. ("I'm against you, Russell." Win!) And then there's Parvati, who also played a smart game, but might run into problems due to her close association with Russell, which she cannot scrub off in spite of every effort she's made to do so.

I wish I could tell who will win between the two. My bet is Sandra (and that's reflected in my power rankings) but she's not that good at challenges, either. So, yes, Parvati has the upper hand. She's got both frenemies on her side and she can play them both to her advantage. But that's half the battle, of course. The jury may be more sympathetic to her, but considering what's happened before, I cannot tell for sure.

And that's why I was confused at the end of last night's episode. I sure hope I don't end up this way on Sunday. Oh, wait, it cannot happen--we'll have a winner, and his name is not Colby Donaldson.

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