'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Exclusive Interview with J.T. Thomas
'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Exclusive Interview with J.T. Thomas
J.T. Thomas made a cataclysmic error last week, and it came back to bite him on Thursday. His votes were declined like an American Express card and he was blindsided with two Hidden Immunity Idols. Twice the fun, twice the brutal rejection. 

I feel sorry for J.T. He seems like a classy guy. But wow, did Russell and Parvati make him look like a chumpstain.

I asked J.T the obvious questions: What?! How? Could? This? Happen??? Here is what he had to say.

Were you consciously revisiting your Tocantins strategy of forming an alliance across tribal lines?

I don't feel I was revisiting my strategy from Tocantins. I am always looking for openings in the other tribe. I felt like Candace was going to be gunning for me and I had to make a move.

Could you tell anything about the Villains' tribal dynamic from watching how they interacted during the challenges?

After Rupert kept announcing the fact that he thought there was a woman's alliance, the Villains began playing it up.

What did Rupert ultimately decide about Sandra's conflicting version of events? Did you ever convince him that she was lying?

I don't think Rupert ever talked with her again. She didn't want Russell to see her talking. None of us ever got to talk. 

Did you stay in the endurance immunity challenge as long as you could have?

I did stay as long as I could. I tried not to let it show. That challenge is made for people with small feet. I knew when Parvati stepped down, something was up. 

You seemed to like James, but he came across as a bully this season. What further insight could you offer us?

James and I hit it off really well. We have a lot in common and share a similar work ethic. James is not a bad guy at all. He just didn't like the drama.

Can you share any fun stories from Ponderosa?

I would definitely say to check out the Ponderosa clips. They will be something fun to move your hips to. Me Coach, & Courtney! What a team! 

(Image courtesy of CBS)

-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins