'Survivor Heroes vs. Villains' Cirie Fields: Exclusive Exit Interview
'Survivor Heroes vs. Villains' Cirie Fields: Exclusive Exit Interview
No, Cirie was not voted out a second time on last week's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. This one got hung up at the post office and had to be rerouted to our BuddyTV offices. Look for our interview with last night's victim (err... boot) Tom Westman coming up soon.

In the meantime, allow me to take you back to last week's episode when JT switched his vote to join Tom and Colby in voting out Cirie. As Tom said at the time, Cirie has a knack for wrapping weak-minded players around her finger, much like Amanda twirls bubblegum and locks of her hair. 

Much like Parvati, Cirie "doesn't ride coattails, baby." People ride her coattails. They just don't always know it. To my mind, she's a Female Survivor Player, First Class, because she plays the game very aggressively using soft skills. A little wink, a laugh, a compliment, and pretty soon she's telling people how to vote.

Before this season taped, Cirie said that she wanted to play as many times as she had to until she won. You could almost picture her as an older woman, still trying to make up for that awful Final Two mixup in Micronesia. But sadly, after this season we may have seen the last of Cirie. Just ask her.  

I know you've talked about playing until you win. But has your legendary reputation doomed you to always be treated with caution and distrust by future contestants?   

Definitely a concern of mine. Right now I feel I'm done, but two years from now it may be a different story.

The first time we saw you in Panama you were scared of leaves. Would it be fair to say that you've grown and learned a lot over three seasons?  

I've definitely learned a lot, from how to survive outdoors, to just how others percieve me, and lastly, how to maintan your sanity whilst living on an island with a group of insane people!

You've played with James twice now. From a viewers' perspective he seems like a very different person now. Could you offer us any insight into how and why he's changed?   

I don't think he's changed. I just think the viewers were just [now] exposed to another aspect of James' personality that they have never had the pleasure of seeing!

Was Parvati on board with you, James and Amanda?  

I hadn't spoke with Parv since Micronesia, so I had no plan to include Parv in our alliance!

Why didn't Rupert's name ever come up as a target in light of his broken toe (and ego)?
Rupert was initially highly regarded by JT, who most of the time was running my alliance. Therefore, I would never bring up Rupert's name.

You've got be considered one of the best players of all time, but specifically one of the best females. Who else would you put in that category?

Well, thank you for including me on the list of the all time best! That being said, my list would include Stephanie Lagrossa, Parv, Eliza Orlins... I'll stop there, because I could go on and on!

-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins
(Image courtesy of CBS)