'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Candice the Mutineer
'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Candice the Mutineer
You've gotta give Candice one thing. She is consistent. She always mutinees on her tribes. Someone ought to get the girl a novelty hat that says Candice the Mutineer. If she traced her genealogy for an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? I wouldn't be surprised to find such patriots as Benedict Arnold and John Brown in her family tree.
All kidding aside, though, did Candice make the right move? 

If she had stayed with the Heroes and voted out Parvati tonight, the Heroes (plus Sandra) would have had a five to three advantage. But Russell is at his most dangerous when he's cornered. If Russell played a Hidden Immunity Idol the outcome of the series could have become very unpredictable.

If the Heroes did hold strong to wipe out the Villains, I believe Candice would have been the first to go, even before Sandra. She's more of a challenge threat than Sandra. She's not as desirable of a Final Three opponent, since Russell and Parvati would have hated Sandra's guts at that point.

Heck, Sandra would have been Rupert and Amanda's new best friend, and Candice would have been gone without so much as a thank you banana.

Now that she's with the Villains, Candice is probably still dead in the water. If the Villains explode she could find a sub-alliance that takes her all the way to the million. Even then, however, she will face a potentially bitter jury with bruised egos. Does anyone doubt that Rupert could take such a strategic move personally?

As it is, I assume that Russell, Parvati and Danielle will probably honor their pact, no matter how much they bicker along the way. Parvati has no better Final Three opponent than Russell, and Russell doesn't realize the danger he's facing by keeping Parvati around. No, they're one of those couples who breaks up only to get back together ... every week.

Candice's greatest moment of power in this game was probably playing king maker last night. If she had stayed with the Heroes, Sandra or Rupert would have won. Since she went with the Villains, Parvati looks like the odds on favorite.

Two fun facts about Candice's mutinees, though. The first is that she keeps helping Parvati. In the Cook Islands, Candice joined Parvati on Rarotanga. This time she joins Parvati on the Villains alliance. Both times she helped Parvati's tribes amass huge numbers advantages.

The second fun fact is that Candice didn't exactly name the Rarotongas king last time. Sure, she helped the Raros outnumbered the Aitus 8 to 4. But Rarotanga never won again. They were the next eight people who got voted out. If the Villains don't win out now, I'm going to declare Candice cursed.

Surely history won't repeat itself. Will it?
Next week Candice is sure to face the music from Rupert, and I'm guessing that music won't sound like Claire De Lune. I guess she can look at the bright side, though. Colby probably won't get himself too worked up.  

Sigh. Colby.

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-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Guest Columnist