'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': A Comedy of Errors
'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': A Comedy of Errors
J.T. Thomas did not make the worst strategic move in the history of the game. 

For me, the worst move in the history of the game was Rafe threw the final immunity challenge to his new alliance partner, Danni, in Survivor: Guetamala. Rafe easily could have won the challenge and cinched the million dollars, but instead he decided to make a point. He wanted to show Danni that he trusted her to make the "right" decision (i.e. give him the million.) Poor Rafe still thought he was going to win until Danni turned around and voted him out, securing the million for herself.

If Rafe weren't gay, I would think it was an embarassing romantic gesture. Whoops, you don't like me as much as I like you? The violin music was in my mind? Did I really only meet you 39 days ago? In reality, it was just presumptuous, self-absorbed grandstanding.

No, Ian Rosenberger played the fool for love when he threw Survivor: Palau so Katie would forgive him for not taking her on a reward. As far as I've ever heard, Katie practically never spoke to him again; and my guess is that her brush off had something to do with his making a terrifying, guilt-inducing sacrifice for a girl who lived in a different state.

Speaking of men who swung and missed, how about Jason Siska in Micronesia? What guy falls for the line "If you give me the immunity necklace then I'll know you're sincere?" 

Then, of course, there's the classic example of the girl who threw away her shot at a million dollars for one of her male tribemates. Oh wait! It's never happened! Hmmm...  

Some guys find ways to throw the game solo, though. Kudos go to James for getting voted out with two Hidden Immunity Idols in his pocket in China, Shii Ann for telling off her "former" tribe only to find out it was a fake merge, Yao Man for giving Dreamz the car, Africa's "Doc" Billancione for bragging about his Cadillac, Lex for agreeing to keep Amber in All Stars, and Tyson for the arithmitic error that caused him to get voted out earlier this season.

Brian Hiedek, I don't know how you got away with your wife bragging to the tribe about how she planned to spend your million dollars, but you cheated fate to avoid topping this list. 

By comparison, J.T.'s plan might have worked. After all, part of the reason he won Tocantins was because he gave Taj the Idol. For all he knew, Russell might really have been facing impossible odds against a women's alliance. Helping baldy get to the merge could have swung the whole game in the Heroes favor.

J.T. doesn't need to feel left out of the record books, though. His mistake did rack up one superlative. It was the funniest blooper in the history of Survivor, beating out Michelle Yi's epic cheerleading tumble off the platform during a Fiji challenge.

Michelle's pratfall was the Survivor equivalent of watching a baseball player get hit in the crackerjacks while fielding a ball. It was over before you knew what happened, and required endless Tivo rewinds. But J.T.'s mishap provided two full episodes worth of laughs, full of numerous mini-bloopers.   

Amanda's secret agent code name ought to be Dork Chops. She was trying to lie to a girl who's told a few whoppers herself, and Parvati just wasn't having it. Amanda was like a kid who swore he didn't eat any cookies, even though his face was covered in chocolate. (Oh yeah, that was me. Last week. Not really. Okay, maybe.)

Parvati looks better every week that she leads Russell around by the Hantz. Tribal Council laid all of the devestation of a Shakespearean tragedy. About six people got Punk'd in total. J.T., Rupert, Amanda, Jerri, Sandra and Russell all ended up with dumbfounded looks as they realized Parvati had been lying to them.

The King has no control over his own castle anymore. The flirtatious chamber maid is totally running the kingdom. As she herself has pointed out, she tells the King things when he needs to know them. And, oh yeah, did you hear he got arrested? Apparently the man who claims to be calling all of the shots was just downing all of the shots, and then acting like a boor.

All bets are off about where the series is going now, with Sandra vowing to take out Russell by herself. Yes, it looks like the Villains are in total control. But no one should ever get Sandra heated unless they are prepared to suffer the furies of hell.   

Is the greatest pownage is still to come?

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-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Guest Columnist