Survivor: Gabon - Top 15 Power Rankings, Top 8
The Top 8 Power Rankings for Survivor: Gabon, which are written in black computer ink below this paragraph, are largely inconsequential.  There's not much separating any of these contestants.  After three episodes, the focus has mostly been placed on the troublemakers, the kind of personalities that might get voted out early in the game.  Ranking the bottom-feeders was relatively simple, but after taking a long gander at the remaining eight Survivor castaways, it looks to be a very muddled situation. No one has pulled away from the pack and, when the tribes get shook up, the alliances currently formed will be thrown into disarray.  Nonetheless, the rankings will start immediately after this paragraph ends, and if you could just take a few minutes and give them a looksie, you'd make my mother very happy. 

Survivor: Gabon - Top 15 Power Rankings, Bottom 7

#8 - Matty 

Matty is a surfer dude, easy-going, good athlete.  Don't have a read on his game play just yet, nor do I think he's made any strong alliances.  Soon enough, he may be viewed as a physical threat.  I could see him floating along for awhile, given his laid-back demeanor, but I don't think he has the intellect or the motivation to be a real player this season.

#7 – Charlie

Charlie's crush on Marcus is a tad bit unnerving, but he seems like a nice guy, if not overzealous.  I think he's overplaying the game some, pinning all his hopes to Marcus.  I get the feeling that Charlie might have a big mouth, but it's hard to be sure.  He's a little too emotional for my tastes.

#6 – Crystal

Is Crystal the strongest woman in the history of Survivor?  She might be.  Her tribemates will eventually figure out how big a physical threat Crystal is and get her out when the time is right.  We have no idea what her social game is like through three episodes. 

#5 – Randy

I like Randy, even though he's an ass.  He tells it like it is, and is smart enough to know that it's better to keep his mouth shut in camp.  He's going to be a quality thinker, and I think he can strategize a way to get deeper into the game.  He'll need some better alliance members and the ability to at least fake some people skills if he wants to have a chance to arrive at the final tribal council.

#4 – Dan

I'm pretty neutral on Dan thus far.  Haven't seen much out of him, but he's in shape and he's a lawyer, so he's probably fairly smart.  Maybe the number 4 spot is too high for Dan, but he's giving off a good vibe early in the season. 

#3 – Ken

He's smart, unassuming.  He could be like a baby Yau-Man this season, and not just because both are Asian.  Ken is going to have to get crafty and rely on the sneak attack of intelligence.  I think he can do it. 

#2 – Marcus

The way he's letting Charlie get attached to him is genius.  He's clearly a strategist, and he's going to do a lot of thinking about the end game.  Being good-looking and charismatic is important on Survivor, because people will automatically be more trusting of you. 

#1 – Corinne

Just following my gut here.  Corinne is calculating and no-nonsense.  She might be a bitch at times, but she's going to go all-out in creating alliances, and she will not have any qualms with lying and manipulating.  Plus, I think she has a cool name.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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