Survivor: Gabon - Top 15 Power Rankings, Bottom 7
I don't know if you've seen the CBS promos yet, but if you have, then you know something big about the next episode of Survivor: Gabon.  I guess since it's a little bit of a spoiler, I'll wait until after the jump to let you know what it is.  But, really, if it's on TV already, it can't be a spoiler, right?  It's hard to know the proper protocol for issues like this, especially in an age when so many people are sensitive to surprise spoilers.  For the sake of all you Survivor fans out there, let's just wait till after the jump.


It looks like they're going to shake up the tribes next episode on Survivor: Gabon.  I think this is a good idea.  The Kota tribe has already split into alliances and Fang isn't in great shape, despite their immunity win last week.  On to the rankings...

#15 – GC

GC has zero people skills.  He riles his tribemates up for no good reason, picking fights in the most innocuous of circumstances.  He gives up in challenges, and is not very well-liked.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was the next to go, but if it's not Thursday, it'll at least be before the merge. 

#14 – Susie

She's not the most physically fit, she's older, and hasn't been dynamic in any way.  She's going to be dead weight on any tribe she finds herself on, and thus will probably be sent packing soon.  We haven't gotten to know Susie very well, so it's hard to make any judgments on her.  She seems nice. 

#13 – Kelly

She shouldn't have sided with Paloma unless she thought there was a very good chance that they could vote Ace off.  Now, she is probably in the bald man's cross hairs and will be targeted.  She should hope that she makes it into the opposite tribe of Ace after the shake-up. 

#12 – Ace

I don't know.  It could go either way.  Ace could become a buzzsaw and lead his alliance to the end.  More likely, I think his tribemates will soon turn on him, realizing the threat that he is.  The immunity idol that Sugar holds complicates things, especially now that he knows he was the secondary target at the last tribal.  I think the tribe will find a way to get rid of him. 

#11 – Jacque

I had no idea where to place Jacque.  I have absolutely no opinion of her.  She is water on the pH scale.  She is the color gray.  She is a plain piece of bread.  Why not number 11? 

#10 – Sugar

Yes, even with the immunity idol.  Her association with Ace will either propel her to the end or get her in trouble fast.  Considering my earlier placement of Ace, and the fact that immunity idols are rarely played correctly, I'm guessing Sugar barely misses the merge.

#9 – Bob

Bob, you're one of my favorites, but you're also kind of a pushover.  He's on the outside looking in on his current tribe.  Maybe he'll get in on a good alliance after the shake-up.  Let's hope so, because Bob is kind of awesome. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)