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Yeah, you read the headline right.  Survivor cast.  There is no better reality show than Survivor, and sometimes a person gets nostalgic.  Just reading cast list for a specific Survivor cast makes me nostalgic.  At first, I thought this was a little sad, but you know what - after considering this, I'm happy that just the mere glance at a Survivor cast list can conjure up vivid memories.  For any real fan of Survivor, I'm sure that you feel the same way.  Survivor has been such a constant in my life for the past decade that the Survivor casts have begun to blend together.  Each time a Survivor cast is announced, a pang of excitement enters in the beings of any Survivor fan.  The possibilities are endless, and with each diverse cast comes surprises and favorites that fans will remember long after each season has ended. 

Survivor has always been the most pure reality-competition series.  It began the prime-time reality show trend, and any reality-competition show on television owes a tremendous debt of gratitude towards Mark Burnett's greatest creation.  When the very first season of Survivor aired, it became appointment viewing, the kind of show you sat down to watch with the family and then talked about at school or work the next day.  Each subsequent Survivor cast had its characters and favorites and villains, allowing for diverse rooting interests. 

I can't tell you how many arguments I've had over the years with my father and my friends about the relative merits of each Survivor cast.  CBS doesn't fabricate good guys and villains on Survivor.  The cast is peppered with normal, diverse people, who each have flaws and redeeming characteristics.  No matter who you root for or against, you will have company among viewers.  You will also have serious disagreements within the fan base. 

Survivor has become such a staple of CBS's prime time schedule that fans often take the series for granted.  The show can't live on forever, and it's important to truly appreciate the greatness of the series, and each of the entertaining Survivor casts that have done their part to entertain fans for almost a decade. 

Season 17

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Survivor: Gabon Cast

First Eliminated: Michelle Chase
Second Eliminated: Gillian Larson
Third Eliminated: Paloma Soto-Castillo
Fourth Eliminated: Jacquie Berg
Fifth Eliminated: Danny "GC" Brown
Sixth Eliminated: Kelly Czarnecki
Seventh Eliminated: Ace Gordon
Eighth Eliminated: Dan Kay
Ninth Eliminated: Marcus Lehman
Tenth Eliminated: Charlie Herschel

Still In the Competition:

Robert "Bob" Crowley
Corinne Kaplan
Crystal Cox
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
Ken Hoang
Matty Whitmore
Randy Bailey
Susie Smith

Survivor: Gabon is the first ever season to be filmed entirely in High-Definition.  The show has never looked so beautiful, though this has a lot to do with the setting.  Gabon, Africa is called "Earth's Last Eden" and for good reason.  The terrain is lush and beautiful, with a vast array of wildlife roaming free.  It is only the second season of Survivor to be filmed on the African continent.

Season 16

Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites Cast

First Eliminated: Jonny Fairplay
Second Eliminated: Mary Sartain
Third Eliminated: Yau-Man Chan
Fourth Eliminated: Michael Bortone
Fifth Eliminated: Joel Anderson
Sixth Eliminated (Due to Injury): Jonathan Penner
Seventh Eliminated: Chet Welch
Eighth Eliminated (Quit): Kathleen Sleckman
Ninth Eliminated: Tracy Hughes-Wolf
Tenth Eliminated: Ami Cusac
Eleventh Eliminated: Eliza Orlins
Twelfth Eliminated: Ozzy Lusth
Thirteenth Eliminated: Jason Siska
Fourteenth Eliminated: James Clement
Fifteenth Eliminated: Alexis Jones
Sixteenth Eliminated: Erik Reichenbach
Seventeenth Eliminated: Natalie Bolton
Eighteenth Eliminated: Cirie Fields
Runner-Up: Amanda Kimmel
Winner: Parvati Shallow

Survivor: Micronesia took the all-star formula and turned it on its head.  CBS took ten fan favorites from past seasons and pitted them against ten super-fans of the show.  Not surprisingly, the Favorites pretty much dominated the season, though a few of the Fans fared well.  In the end, it came down to two of the female Favorites, Parvati Shallow and Amanda Kimmel, in the million dollar vote.

Season 15

Survivor: China Cast

First Eliminated: Steve "Chicken" Morris
Second Eliminated: Ashley Massaro
Third Eliminated: Leslie Nease
Fourth Eliminated: Dave Cruser
Fifth Eliminated: Aaron Reisberger
Sixth Eliminated: Sherea Lloyd
Seventh Eliminated: Jaime Dugan
Eighth Eliminated: Jean-Robert Bellande
Ninth Eliminated: Michael "Frosti" Zernow
Tenth Eliminated: James Clement
Eleventh Eliminated: Erik Huffman
Twelfth Eliminated: Peih-Gee Law
Thirteenth Eliminated: Denise Martin
Fourteenth Eliminated: Amanda Kimmel
Runner-Up: Courtney Yates
Winner: Todd Herzog

Survivor: China took place in a beautiful and unique setting and, in a way, revitalized the Survivor franchise.  Featuring one of the better and more entertaining casts in Survivor's long history, the season was exciting from start to finish.  Fan favorites such as Amanda Kimmel, James Clement, Denise Martin and Courtney Yates were involved, but in the end it was the Mormon Flight Attendant, Todd Herzog, who triumphed and won the million dollars. 

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