Survivor: Gabon - Episode 8 Live Thoughts
Nothing thrills me more than what Survivor manages to outwit and outplay the players of the game.  Anybody going into the show at this point is familiar with the format of the show and they come to expect certain things, such as Exile Island, merges, a reward challenge for time with a loved one, and so on.  Tonight, the players think a merge is coming but Survivor slaps them upside the head with a twist.  On, Jeff Probst also revealed the the players will stand on two sides of the game, good vs. evil.  The "good" players decide that they're good people, who deserve to win the money more than the "evil" players but believe me.  No side is going down quietly and without a fight.  I'll be here for the next hour and can't wait for the merge fake-out!  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! 

As predicted, the tribes are convinced that a merge is coming in the next few days and they start plotting and planning.  Susie wants in on an alliance but considering she went to war with Corinne last week, that seems pretty unlikely.  At Fang, Matty is letting paranoia run rampant in his mind.  He's convinced that Crystal is gunning for him because he wrote her name down at tribal.  He forms a quick Fang alliance with her, Sugar, and Kenny in hopes of making it all the way to final 4.

has cast the bait to the tribes in the form of tree mail, who are already celebrating what they think is a merge.  Everyone meets up on the beach for a huge feast and there is every kind of food imaginable as well as a box that says not to open it until everyone is done eating.  Kenny catches a glimpse of a clue under the table for an immunity idol but Kota members Randy and Charlie pick right up on it.   Randy grabs it and throws it on the table, offering it to anyone - but of course, that puts a giant target on their backs.  Well played, sir.  There are no takers and the little idol is sent out to sea.

The fun and games are over after the feast when Randy reads the contents of the box.  Each player must draw a stone from a bag without looking.  The stones are numbered 1-10.  Oh man!  No merge yet.  Without even knowing it, the players just divided themselves into two new tribes!  The new Fang is: Charlie, Corinne, Randy, Sugar, and Matty while the new Kota is: Bob, Marcus, Susie, Crystal, and Kenny.  Some people are in trouble!!

At Kota, Marcus just found out something that changes his strategy.  Crystal is cousins with one of his best friends and now, he starts forming the "good guy alliance" and changing up his game plan.  She promises not to write his, Kenny's or Bob's name down at a tribal council.  In her interview, she says it's gameplay.  Is she a good person or not?  At Fang, Matty confronts Sugar over the fact that she voted Ace out and reduces her to tears.  Well, yeah Sugar!  It was a dumb move!  Susie is trying to play hardball at Kota to get into Marcus's alliance.  Who the heck does she think she is?

At tonight's immunity challenge, the rules are simple but the task is difficult to execute.  With their arms out, the contestants must hold two poles against an overhead board.  If they lower their arms, the whole thing will crash down.  The last person standing will win it for their tribe or the first tribe to have every player go out will lose.  Crystal is out after one second.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Sugar goes down next, followed by Susie, Randy, and Corinne. Kenny goes down next as does Marcus and Charlie. Bob and Matty are the last two players left in a showdown.  Bob ends up dropping his pole and Matty wins immunity for Fang.

With Kota heading to tribal, the only players that seems totally safe tonight is Bob.  The rest run around camp scheming and plotting to get each other out.  With tonight's tribe member voted out becoming the first jury member, that means there will be a final three again, instead of a final two.  Getting to final three is all anybody's thinking about!  At tribal, Marcus doesn't hide the fact that he plans on voting Kenny out but it will all come down to Susie's vote tonight as to who is actually leaving.  Here are the votes: Marcus.  Kenny.  Kenny.  Marcus.  Marcus.

AHHHH!  I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW!  Marcus has been voted out of the game and is the first member of the jury.  Charlie is going to be so upset!  Who am I supposed to be rooting for anymore?

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of CBS)