Survivor: Gabon - Episode 7 Recap
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, the Fang tribe was really struggling with hunger as well as their continuous losing streak. At camp, Crystal spilled over a decent amount of rice, which brought many of her teammates down. In tonight’s reward challenge, the tribes will be playing keep away. The tribes will toss a breakable ball back and forth while another tribe member tries to push it away and smash it to the ground. The tribe that scores 3 points will win & be picked up by helicopter. They’ll be flown to a beautiful spot in Gabon where they’ll enjoy an afternoon picnic complete with meat, cheese, and drinks.

Kota continues to dominate the game, winning a feast and sending Sugar to Exile Island for the 5th time this season. No other player in the history of Survivor has ever been banished to Exile Island as many times as she has.

Upon reaching the destination for their picnic, the Kota tribe is also surprised with letters from home. Reading them brings just about every member to tears and they are given a renewed sense of purpose now that they’ve had a little piece of home given to them. Sugar, on the other hand, struggles at Exile Island, feeling broken and an outsider in the game. At the Fang camp, Kenny and Crystal solidify their alliance in an attempt to keep themselves in the game since it is clear that they are targets.

At the immunity challenge, there are quite a few twists revealed by Jeff Probst. Not only will both tribes head to tribal council tonight but only individual immunity will be up for grabs. The tribemates must compete in a face-to-face log roll but only one person will win. Sugar, Ace, and Marcus make it to the finals. Sugar falls first, followed by Ace, which means that Marcus wins individual immunity. Jeff reveals one more twist. Marcus wins the ability to give one member from the opposing tribe immunity as well and he chooses Sugar (who is also in possession of the immunity idol). Crystal is shocked and calls her the most powerful player in the game right now.

Back at the Fang camp, Kenny tries to pull Sugar in to vote with him in order to save Crystal. Kenny guns to get Matty out of the game before the merge. At tribal council, Crystal gets overly defensive when the tribe brings up that she spilled the rice.  Despite her argument with the rest of the tribe, it is Ace who is voted out of the game.  At Kota, Dan and Susie became the targets for tonight's elimination.  Susie even admits to Corinne that she was planning on voting for her, which she told her alliance in an attempt to get her out.  Instead, it was Dan who got the boot and became the 8th player to leave the game.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of CBS)