Survivor: Gabon - Episode 6 Predictions
How horrendous of a tribe is Fang?  One of the worst Survivor tribes ever.  It's plain ugly.  Just by the law of averages, they have to win a challenge of two in the near future, right?  They probably shouldn't, give the poor make-up of their tribe.  The lack of competitiveness is really keeping Survivor: Gabon from becoming a great season of Survivor.  Everything else is falling into place quite nicely – the scenery is astounding, the challenges well-constructed and the cast is full of intriguing characters.  Just because I'm an eternal optimist, I'm going to proceed under the assumption that Fang will win the next immunity challenge.  If they don't, the situation will become incredibly dire for Fang's members. 

The Seeds of a Romance Will Take Root

I'm not sure who it will be, but it feels like the right time.  Perhaps Sugar and Ace will ramp up their relationship.  The other possibilities, looking at the current tribes, look like this: Kelly and Matty on Fang, Kelly and Ken on Fang (this is a major long shot), Corinne and Marcus on Kota, or Corinne and Dan on Kota.  This is just a hunch, but I think sparks will fly somewhere on Thursday's episode. 

Sugar Will Give the Immunity Idol to Ace

If Fang does go to tribal council (which I'm predicting they won't), I have no doubt that Ace can pry that immunity idol from Sugar's grasp.  Even if they don't go, I think it's still a possibility.  After the last tribal council, we know that Sugar is aware of the threat that people are rummaging through her possessions looking for the idol.  She and Ace could conspire on a ruse where Ace takes possession of the idol, and then Sugar claims that she doesn't have the idol and everyone can look though her things if they want.  It would be risky, but it could potentially work. 

Dan Kay Will Be Voted Off

Dan's pro-Kota speech last episode was troublesome.  You never want to call too much attention to your own thoughts on what your alliance should be.  The fact that Dan is advocating everyone to turn their backs on previous alliances made before the tribal shake-up is going to be a major red flag to people.  If Kota goes to tribal council, Dan's loyalty will be put into question expressly because of his call to tribal loyalty.  If Dan's so willing to switch allegiances after the tribal shake-up, where will he go after the merge?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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