Survivor: Gabon - Episode 5 Recap
On tonight's episode of Survivor, the Fang tribe were shocked to find an elephant dangerously close to their camp.  They watched it from afar but Ace and Matty decided to get in their boat and take a closer look.  The elephant spotted them but ultimately left them alone.  Conditions are the Fang camp worsen by the day and it was starting to get to GC.  He snapped at his teammates and disappeared minutes before the immunity challenge.  Sugar was sent to Exile Island again and lived it up, relaxing in the "Sugar Shack" with lots of fresh fruit, all for her.  Kota continued their winning streak as well as continued to thrive out in Gabon.

In tonight's reward challenge, each tribe starts with a large pile of fruit. Tribe members must toss fruit to each other through holes in walls while the opposing tribe members try to smash it. Any fruit that is caught can be kept by the tribes, which was a nice bonus for the players.  The winning tribe would also receive an herb garden to bring back to camp and use to give their food a little flavor.  Ace and Crystal defended for Fang while Bob and Charlie represented Kota.  Though Fang took an early lead, Kota came from behind and won the challenge.

At the immunity challenge, one member from each tribe had to throw a ball down a cliff through a series of obstacles while a blindfolded member of the other tribe will use a shield will try to stop the ball. The ball must go through a goal, which are assigned different point values, and the tribe with the most points wins. Ace defends for Fang and Sugar calls out directions, while Dan defends for Kota and Randy calls.  Sugar did not do a very good job giving direction to Ace and once again, Kota won, making this the fourth trip to tribal council for Fang.

Back at camp, GC let people know that he was looking to leave the game.  The conditions in Africa were too much for him and his teammates seemed happy to get rid of him.  However, before the tribe left, Crystal went through Sugar's bag and found the idol which made some people rethink their decision tonight.  In the end, Sugar didn't play the idol and GC was granted his wish and sent home.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)