Survivor: Gabon - Episode 4 Live Thoughts
There's nothing I love more on reality television than a good bromance and I have a great one in Survivor's Marcus and Charlie. Hopefully, the other Kota tribe members don't take notice.  The tribe members seem to be more focused on Ace and Sugar, who are clearly in some kind of alliance and have a bond out there in Africa.  Though Kota started strong this season, Fang fought back last week and started winning challenges.  My money is still on Kota to go into the merge with the numbers in their favor.  I heard from a little bird (named Oscar Dahl) that the tribes are switched up tonight.  I'm not excited about it but maybe Jeff Probst will change my mind about it.  Whatever my reaction, I'll be here all hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

Ace has his big boy pants on and vows revenge on Kelly for voting for him at tribal council.  He is really under the false impression that he runs the Kota tribe, huh?

The Fang tribe has wised up and is looking to get rid of GC.  Looks like Oscar was right when he ranked him dead last in this week's power rankings!

Jeff is evil.  He's making the tribes rank the people in them from top to bottom, in order of importance.  This is so mean!!!  Matty and Marcus rank at the top of their tribes while Susie and Kelly stand at the bottom.  Crystal is pissed she was ranked 4th but, to be fair, no one on Fang knows she's an Olympic athlete.  Randy ranked above her!  Almost all the men rank above the women, with the exceptions of GC and Ken.

We're pickin' new tribes!  Marcus and Matty are team captains.  Another schoolyard pick ensues.  On Kota, Marcus chooses Dan who chooses Charlie (yes!) who chooses Randy who chooses Corinne who chooses Susie who chooses Bob.  On Fang, Matty chooses Ace who chooses Crystal who chooses Jacquie who chooses Ken who chooses Kelly who has to take GC.  Sugar is left behind and has to go to Exile Island until after the next tribal council.  She'll rejoin whichever tribe loses someone.  Craziness.

Since Sugar has the idol, she chooses comfort and gets a little hut full of fresh fruit.  She's praying that she goes back to Fang, to be with Ace.  She's in a pretty sketchy situation right now, having no idea whose tribe she's on.

Who knew that Ken was so superficial?  He thought Michelle was hot in the premiere episode and now, with her gone, he's all about Kelly.  Calm your hormones!

For tonight's immunity challenge, players must use lacrosse sticks to retrieve balls out of the water and get them into the opposing tribe's goal.  Randy scores first for Kota.  Tribes need 3 points for the win.  Randy scores again!  Ha ha Jeff just called Ken "virtually useless" in this challenge.  This is why I love Jeff.  Randy makes the third point.  Kota wins - wow.  Go Randy.

Looks like it's between Jacquie, Ace, and Kelly to be eliminated tonight.

Here are the tribal council votes: Jacquie, Kelly, Kelly, Jacquie, Jacquie, annnd Jacquie.  Jacquie has been voted out and tomorrow, she'll talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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