Survivor: Gabon - Episode 3 Recap
On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Gabon, the Fang tribe had a hard time dealing with their hunger issues. Somehow, the tribe had been eating 3 meals a day but realized quickly that they wouldn’t be able to ration enough food to survive out there much longer.  They decide to cut it down to 2 meals a day but GC puts up a fight, further alienating himself from his tribe members.  Over at Kota, alliances are being formed one by one.  Ace and Sugar stick together while Corinne pulls Bob in to her alliance of 5.  No one in that alliance has any plans of taking Bob to the end (probably because no one could beat him in a jury vote) but string him along for now to keep the numbers in their favor.

In tonight’s reward challenge, one member from each tribe is stationed at a post. Two members from the opposing tribe must get you off the post and drag you through the sand to earn a point. The first tribe to earn 2 points wins blankets, a hammock, pillows, and a mat. Also, the winning tribe will get to send someone from the losing tribe to Exile Island. The Kota tribe took an early lead, thanks to Ace, who absolutely refused to budge from his pole. Fang fought back and ended up earning 2 points in a row, giving them their first victory of the season.

Fang decided to send Sugar to Exile Island, who assumed that they chose her because they thought she looked dumb.  Determined to prove them wrong, she immediately went hunting for the idol.  While at Exile, she broke down, a combination of being scared to be there alone and dealing with her father's recent death.  Sugar toughened up, though, finding clue after clue and eventually, the idol!

For the immunity challenge, the players will head down a slippery slide into the water then swim out and retrieve tiles that solve a puzzle. The answer to that puzzle is also the combination to release their tribe flag. Paloma and Sugar sat out, since Kota has two extra tribe members. Both tribes get their puzzle pieces back quickly, leaving Bob and Ken to solve the puzzle for their respective tribes. Bob thinks he has the answer but is unfortunately wrong – twice. Ken ends up solving the puzzle, giving Fang their second win of the night, keeping them safe.

Back at the Kota camp, there is talk of voting Paloma out, feeling that she is a weak player.  Paloma catches wind of this and tries to shift the focus onto Ace, who she feels is difficult to get along with and is the tribe's unofficial leader. At tribal council, she calls him out for being strong, arrogant, condescending and many other things.  In the end, though, Kota decides to vote Paloma out and send her home.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)