Survivor: Gabon - Episode 1 Recap
On tonight’s season premiere of Survivor: Gabon, the contestants were dropped off in the middle of Africa with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Jeff has each player introduce themselves and say what their occupation is. Some choose to leave a few important details out, such as Crystal, who fails to mention that she is an Olympic gold medalist. Once the introductions are over, Jeff says that, in true African tradition, the elders must be the ones to make the important decision. He asks Bob and Gillian to step forward and they will have their first pick for the new tribes. Ace and Crystal are the first chosen and, from there, a schoolyard pick takes place with Michelle being the last one. The new tribe names are Fang (the red tribe) and Kota (the yellow tribe).

Jeff wasted no time making these players work. He gave them their first challenge immediately after tribes were chosen. Players had to run through a series of flags and up a giant hill. At the top of the hill was individual immunity as well as food for the whole tribe. However, if people worked together, the tribe that could get everyone to the finish line first would win an extra bag of food. GC and Marcus take off, leaving their tribes behind to claim the individual immunity. Fang struggles getting up the hill and Kota blows them out of the water, easily beating them.

After settling in at camp, which shelters already made for them, the players found their tree mail. Their first piece of mail gave them information about their next challenge, which would not only be for immunity, but some comfort at camp: fire. For this challenge, 6 tribe members would run through an obstacle court, tethered together, through a series of obstacles and retrieve puzzle pieces. The remaining 3 players had to put the puzzle together in order for their tribe to win. Through much of the obstacles, Fang and Kota were neck and neck but Kota pulled ahead at the end and went on to win their second challenge. At tribal council, Kota decided to eliminate Michelle who, despite being a strong player, did not seem to mesh well with her tribemates.

For their second challenge, tribes had to push a large boulder through a series of gates and retrieve keys that will open locks.  The reward would be an amazing set of fishing gear and the ability to send someone from the losing tribe to Exile Island.  Kota started off with the lead but the tribes were dead even at the second lock.  In the end though, Kota regained the lead and won their third straight challenge.  They decide to send Dan to Exile Island.  There, he has the choice between a clue for the idol or a comfort item that he will make his stay on Exile not so bad.  He chooses the clue but does not come close to finding the idol.

Back at the Fang camp, the tribe becomes paranoid and is convinced that Dan has the idol.  His name is brought up as a person to be voted out, as well as Gillian.  At tribal council, Dan turns his bag upside down, dumping all of the contents onto the ground, to prove that he doesn't have the idol.  It is Gillian who ends up getting voted out.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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