Survivor: Fiji - Season Finale Live Results
We enter tonight's two-hour finale of Survivor: Fiji with five remaining castaways, which means that the final vote will, like last season, be between three contestants.  The Survivor producers must have like how the three-pronged final vote worked last season, seeing as they're doing it for the second time in a row.  The final five are : Dreamz, Earl, Yau-Man, Boo, and Cassandra

Here is my prediction for the final order tonight:

5. Boo
4. Dreamz
3. Cassandra
2. Earl
1. Yau-Man

What do you all think?  What follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight's finale.  I'll be updating throughout the show, so feel free to check back often and even let your own thoughts be heard in the comments section below.

And, so it begins, another Survivor finale.  I get sad on finale days, especially at the end of the spring finale, since it will be a few long months before Survivor returns. 

They give us a brief recap of the entire season.  You almost forget about the have/have-not aspect of the season. 

I still don't understand what the hell Dreamz was doing ratting the Horsemen out about their idol. 

Where does Yau-Man making the deal with Dreamz over the truck rank among greatest Survivor moments ever?  Top ten, probably.

The big remaining question really is whether Dreamz, if he wins immunity, will keep his word to Yau.  I could see him reneging.    

Yau-Man and Earl might be at odds during next tribal council.  Earl doesn't seem to willing to give up the idol he possesses. 

Earl is kind of pissed about everyone turning on Yau without speaking with him.

Cassandra is very suspicious of Earl at this point, as she should be. 

First immunity challenge comes up right away.  The challenge: the contestants have to navigate through a monstrous five section maze while blindfolded.  They have keys, and there is a drawbridge involved.  This maze is huge, football-field length.

This looks fun.  Yau-Man is taking the early lead, with Boo and Dreamz close behind.

YAU-MAN WINS IMMUNITY.  Again.  The man is unstoppable.

It has to be Boo to get voted out.  Yau tells Boo that he's heading home, and congratulates him on being a great competitor.  Dreamz doesn't want to vote for Boo.  He calls Yau the smartest man he's ever known.

Boo makes a play to Earl, saying that he has no chance versus Yau in the finale two, but has a good one against him.  So, Boo wants Dreamz out.  That'd probably be a better situation for Earl. 

Yau wonders whether Dreamz will live up to his deal after the next immunity challenge.  I think voting off Dreamz is the smart move here.  But, I think it'll be Boo.

Dreamz and Boo go back and forth about their respective positive qualities and why their presence in the final four is ideal.  I still think Boo is gone.

Jeff tallies the votes.  Earl plays the last hidden immunity idol. 


Yau-Man waxes poetic about making it to the final four.  Earl just compared himself and Yau to Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. 

So, we get the requisite tribute to fallen Survivors.  I'm going to take a ten-minute nap.

All right, back to the action.  Our final immunity challenge is coming up.  

Everyone lies on a plank and holds onto a rope.  The angle of the plank will incrementally increase, as will the amount of water that is poured onto the Survivors.

Will Dreamz try his best here?  Will Yau-Man give up if it is down to him and Dreamz?

Cassandra is the first to go. 

These three guys are fighting hard.  Earl falls.

Yau-Man falls in.  Dreamz wins it.  But, will he give it to Yau-Man?  We go to commercial before we find out.

The plan is to vote Dreamz out, which seems a little cold-blooded.  Why keep Cassandra around?  I think this is a terrible decision by Yau and Earl not to rid themselves of Cassandra.

Dreamz is having second thoughts about giving up the idol. 

Wow, I don't think he's going to give up the idol.  I seriously think he'll be keeping it. 

Time for tribal council.

Jeff probes Dreamz about his deal with Yau-Man.  No indication early on about whether he's going to give immunity to Dreamz.

Yau thinks Dreamz will live up to his word. 

Uh-oh.  It sounds like Dreamz is going to keep it.  Yau throws in a final guilt trip before the vote. 


Yau gets hosed.  This will go down as one of the big Survivor moments.


Damn, this really sucks.  He was easily the best player on this season, and gets screwed by Dreamz.  There are no words to describe how pissed I am. 

Here's a move that will go under the radar.  Earl voting for Yau-Man, thus ensuring that he will win the million.  Neither Dreamz or Cassandra have a chance in the final vote against him.

Dreamz tries to apologize, but no one is really happy about it.  Earl is pissed, because it forced him to write down Yau's name.

Dreamz says he has no regrets.  Whatever.  You basically stole a truck, a $60,000 one. 

Day 39, the last day.  That is a long time.  At the top of the hill, the last three get a nice little picnic meal.  A plane drops some food for them.  Earl retrieves it from the ocean and they eat.

Earl and Dreamz decide to burn everything in camp.  Why?  Because they're bored, I guess.

Cassandra, Dreamz, and Earl make their way to the final tribal council with triumphant music swelling in the background. 

It's the jury's turn to ask questions.  Oh, first we get the opening statements from the final three.

Earl is well-spoken, telling everyone that he's played an intelligent game.  He has.  Cassandra plays the nice guy card, perhaps attempting to garner some sympathy votes.  She does not deserve to win.  Dreamz also goes the sympathy route.

Michelle asks what the biggest hardship on Survivor was?  Dreamz says thirst, Cassandra says not being able to swim, and Earl says it was the Ravu/Exile combo. 

Edgardo and Mookie call out Dreamz about his betrayal of them, especially regarding the idol he told Earl about.

Alex has brought his soapbox with him.  He yells Cassandra and then at Dreamz.  Incredibly, Dreamz kind of shuts him up.

Everyone is bitter tonight.  Lisi calls out Cassandra over her shoes.  Lisi has gone completely insane, calling Cassandra greedy.  Lisi tries to make Dreamz look stupid, and asks how many zeros are in a million.  Seriously, I kind of hate Lisi for this display of bitchiness. 

If Earl doesn't win the million dollars, it will be an absolute fluke. 

Boo calls Yau the best player up there.   He appeals to Dreamz Christian sensibilities.  This is Survivor, people.  We don't need to bring religion into this.

Yau-Man is a great person.  He gives Dreamz the opportunity to apologize and admit that he changed his mind.  He doesn't.  Earl admits that he didn't take Yau to the final three was because he wouldn't be able to win. 

Time to vote.  This has to be a near unanimous vote for Earl, one would think.  Unless Cassandra gets a couple random sympathy votes, I don't see anyone not voting for him.

And, we're live in New York.  I hate how Probst doesn't do his crazy entrance via helicopter or jetpack anymore. 

I love to see everyone when they're all way heavier. 


In fact, it might have been unanimous: we saw no votes for anyone else.

Tomorrow we will have an exclusive interview with Earl himself. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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