Survivor: Fiji - Premiere Quick Thoughts
Survivor: Fiji premiered tonight.  For Survivor fans like myself, this might as well be a holiday.  Getting to know the new castaways, seeing the new digs, idnetifying the hot girls.  It never gets old.  This season has a new gimmick: The haves vs. the have-nots.  The two camps will be vastly different: one with all sort of amenities, one with next to nothing.  Should be fun.

I watched the episode live and jotted down some quick thoughts as the episode progressed.  We'll be doing this every week, so check BuddyTV every Thursday around 9:15 ET for the thoughts.

  • The contestants are just dropped off in Fiji, Jeff Probst nowhere to be found.  There are 19 castaways, which we know is because on Survivor freaked out and refused to go on the show the night before filming. 
  • Andre calls himself "Dreamz".  He's the guy who used to be homeless. 
  • This season's version of Cao Boi, Yau-Man, is a wise, older Asian man.  Unlike Cao Boi, he doesn't suck.
  • A plane drops off a load of stuff.  In it are a map to their camp.
  • The Survivors make it to the camp and find a ton of building materials.  They are all baffled by the amount of stuff they have for their shelter: toilet, kitchen, more amenities than any Survivor camp ever.   They get to working.
  • I don;t know names yet, so I'll just call the annoying Asian lady the "Annoying Asian Lady".  She bosses everyone around as they build the shelter.  God, she sucks.  One of the guys asks her what the word "askew" means and she answers "something that's not orthogonal."  Oh, go to hell.  We're all very proud of you vocabulary. 
  • Her name's Sylvia, which is an annoying name.
  • We hear Dreamz story of growing up homeless.  They don't dwell too much on it, but I'm sure we'll hear more.
  • Dreamz is pulling a Cao Boi, joking about race and generally being loud, obnoxious and out-of-line while everyone is trying to sleep.  Rocky Balboa (he looks like Rocky) calls Dreamz on his crap.  Man, if Dreamz keeps acting like this he's going to become unbearable, both for the audience and his fellow castaways.
  • And there's the man, the myth, the legend himself, Jeff Probst. 
  • Ah, hahahaha.  The castaways agree, after prodding from Probst, that Sylvia emerged as the early leader.  Jeff then tells Sylvia to divide the castaways into two separate teams.  She divides them equally, which is disappointing.  She should have made them completely lopsided, which would have just turned chaotic.
  • Sylvia gets sent to Immunity Idol, still without a tribe affiliation.  She gets a clue to the immunity idol whereabouts  and will join the tribe that loses a member. 
  • As was guessed, the losing immunity challenge team gets sent to a new beach that has one pot and one machete.  The rich vs. the poor: theme of the season.
  • The immunity challenge involves racing chariots.  You'll hear more about it in our recap tomorrow morning.
  • Moto wins.  As if that means anything to you.  It's hard barely knowing these people.  As I've said, it takes about 6 episodes to get a hold on the Survivor's personalities. 
  • Sylvia really got the big shaft.  Not only is she alone on exile island, the immunity idol isn't even there; it's back at camp somewhere.  Oh, and when she comes back it'll be with the losing team.
  • The losing team has a generally good attitude about their new camp.  Except for the black girl with the sweet fro (seriously, an awesome, glorious, Dr. J in his prime type of 'fro).  She's upset that no one else is upset. 
  • It looks like it's going to be Jessica or Rita.  This is bad news, because Jessica is the best-looking girl on the show this season.   Rita's not bad either.
  • Standard tribal council.  Nothing as cool as the pirate ship.
  • Time to vote. 
  • What the hell?  Four different people get votes, but Jessica gets booted.  Well, shoot.

A nice season premiere, but what else would you expect.  It's Survivor.  It's always good.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer