Survivor: Fiji Predictions - Will the "'Four Horsemen" Now Control the Game?

After this week’s episode of Survivor: Fiji, it seems clear that the “Four Horsemen” (Alex Angarita, Dre “Dreamz” Herd, Edgardo Rivera and Mookie Lee) with their special sidekick, Stacy Kimball, do currently control the game. Despite the twist of splitting the one tribe into two groups, the Horsemen still managed to get through tribal council without eliminating anyone necessary to their survival. How will this alliance affect the rest of the game?  Can they be stopped?

Mookie, of course, was not thrilled that Stacy got to stick around, and personally, I was bummed to see Michelle Yi go. At the time, I also thought it was a dumb move on the part of Dreamz to vote for Michelle instead of Stacy. Now I think it was probably the only way to go, really. Now their group of five can pick off the other four of Earl Cole, Yau-Man Chan, Cassandra Franklin and Kenward "Boo" Bernis. Earl and Yau-Man might be sharing the immunity idol, and possibly one of them might win an individual immunity challenge, but all that would do is keep one of them in the game for an additional week.

What would need to happen to save any one of them would be to flip Mookie or Dreamz. They both have the same reason to flip: Stacy. If the Horseman plus Stacy do manage to pick off the other four, the original Moto alliance of Stacy, Edgardo and Alex might then turn on Mookie and Dreamz. Stacy is loyal to Edgardo and Alex, but not as much of a physical threat, so it would make sense for them to try to take her to the final three instead of Mookie or Dreamz.

If I were Yau-Man or Earl – because let’s face it, at least as they’ve been edited, Boo and Cassandra don’t look likely to take the initiative to try to flip over a rock much less another Survivor: Fiji player – the threat of Stacy would be my main selling point to trying to get Mookie or Dreamz to break his alliance with the Horsemen. My follow-up selling point would be that to flip to the alliance of the less physically-dominant players would give Mookie and Dreamz a better chance at immunity challenges further down the road. And lastly, I would point out that Edgardo and Alex seem to be an ironclad alliance. The two of them are going to work at all costs to get each other to the final two; to be allied with that means you are allied with people that whose loyalty you know lies somewhere else. At least with the other group, there are more unknowns to be exploited.

If Earl and Yau-Man can’t pull this off, then I think we are headed down the path of the Four Horsemen controlling things down to the final five. At that point, the individual immunity challenges will be the deciding factor whether Alex and Edgardo can continue to engineer things to their own benefit. Right now, since we haven’t really seen the Survivors compete individually against each other, it’s hard to say. But if the buff dudes perform well, we could be looking Alex and Edgardo in the final two.

Of course, there might still be a few Survivor:Fiji twists that could change everything, and I might be underestimating Earl’s behind-the-scenes machinations: in interview, he certainly seems confident that he is pulling some key strings. I hope so; while I admire their smarts, I don’t find Edgardo and Alex particularly appealing, so I would love to be wrong! And I would love for Yau-Man to be the Survivor who proves me wrong – still crossing my fingers we get to see him all the way to the end!

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- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy CBS)