Survivor: Fiji Predictions - Can Alex Save Himself?
Yesterday’s Survivor: Fiji episode played out pretty much as expected. Mookie Lee and Alex Angarita were not able to pull any votes from the other alliance their way, they bungled their Hail Mary play at uncovering Yau-Man Chan’s immunity idol, and neither could secure immunity through the challenge. Alex at least had the sense to vote for Mookie to save himself, but one wonders if he will be able to scramble together some kind of plan now that he is the admitted target of the rest of the alliance.

Yau-Man made it clear at tribal council: barring some miracle, Alex is next to go.  Does he have any options at this point?


For being a Harvard grad, Alex hasn’t exactly seemed to be the brightest bulb for the past few episodes of Survivor: Fiji, being outwitted or outmaneuvered at nearly every turn. Can he pull it together before the next tribal council? I can see a couple ways – besides, obviously, winning immunity in the challenge – that Alex might be able to save himself.

Right now, with Cassandra Franklin, Earl Cole and Yau-Man being such a tight group of three within the greater alliance of six, and with Yau-Man having the immunity idol, Alex basically has to decide whether to work with or against them.

He can try to make a case (as a lawyer, one would hope he’d have the ability to) that he is somehow more valuable than one of the other three in the alliance, maybe he’s more stable than Dre "Dreamz" Herd, less ice-cold LadyMacBeth-y than Stacy Kimball, less prone to injury than Kenward “Boo” Bernis. Not sure – it’s going to be a stretch no matter what he decides.

The other option is to work against that tight-knit group of three, and try to convince Stacy, Boo and Dreamz that their only shot at staying in Survivor: Fiji is to start dismantling that trio while there are still enough people to form a majority. Because Yau-Man has an immunity idol that he could transfer to the other two, they will have to try to keep this all a secret, otherwise they could see this backfire if they throw away their votes on someone who plays the idol and the other three votes then become the majority.

And again, the immunity idol is at least a possibility at this point. The alliance better have a plan in place now for what will happen if he gets it because that could be a game-changing moment in  Survivor: Fiji if it happens.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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