Survivor: Fiji - Episode 8 Quick Thoughts
The merge has to be coming up soon on Survivor: Fiji.  Could it be tonight?  We shall see.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the attitude.

I don't like Lisi's attitude. 

Yau-Man's celebration when he found the immunity idol was classic.  Better yet, it was ingenious to bury a fake immunity idol.  Yau-Man is quickly working his way up my list of favorite Survivor players ever. 

Michelle falling last week was also great.  Can you tell I'm watching the recap?

Edgardo and Alex know everything that Lisi knows regarding the immunity idol.  They start digging for the idol in the morning before Dreamz and Lisi wake up. 

Holy crap!!  Mookie, Alex and Edgardo find the immunity idol!  And, neither Dreamz or Lisi wake up.  That's something.

How are these three guys going to use the idol?

They agree to use it together, but it might get complicated.

Mookie then says that, “You might say we're sharing this idol, but it's only in one pocket. Mine.”

Ha! Lisi wakes up and sees Mookie messing with the dirt around where the idol was.  Lisi thinks he was trying to find the immunity idol.  Wrong.

Reward challenge today is a Fijian dance-off.  A couple of Fijians teach each tribe a different tribal dance.  Whoever wins gets a traditional feast.  You know, that old chestnut.

No one likes Lisi.  She says she doesn't care about the challenges.  Then why be on the show?

Dance contest.  We have three Fijian judges, who'll be judging the dance on three categories.

Moto goes first.  Earl is the All-Star out here, looking like a natural.  Everyone does a pretty good job; they're going to be tough to beat.

Ravu's turn.  Ouch.  Not very good, kind of looks like a mess out there.  Moto will definitely win. 

The judges deliberate.  We hear lots of Fijian whispering.  It's all very dramatic. 

The judges give it to Moto.  They win a Fijian feast. 

Moto sends Lisi to Exile Island, again.  That sucks, Lisi.

The feast begins, and it looks pretty damn good.  Big ol' lobsters and whatnot.

Lisi breaks down on Exile Island.  She doesn't want to be there.  She is stuck, to be fair, in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Earl and Michelle have their morning meeting.  Apparently they have this every morning because they're the first ones up.  They're targeting Stacy first, mostly because she has ties with members of the other camp, specifically Alex.

Dreamz is confident that they'll be merging tomorrow. 

Nice.  The immunity challenge involves a bow and arrow.  Did anybody else have archery in grade school?  I remember doing archery in gym class in, like, 2nd grade.  In retrospect, it was probably pretty dangerous to let 8 year olds wield bow and arrows.  Anyway....

Cool.  So, this is a three round event.  First round, blow darts.  Second, spears.  Third, bow and arrow.  Closest to the center of the bullseye earns a point.  Moto wins the blow dart round, thanks to a nice blow by Boo.

Spear time.  Everyone has a hard time with the spears, most not even hitting the target.  Yau-Man takes a running start and gets close to the bullseye, winning two points for Moto. 

Bows and arrows.  Ravu needs to win this to tie.  Sudden death occurs if they're tied.  Yau-Man again comes up big, putting an arrow up close to the bullseye.  And that does it.  Yau-Man dominates everyone.  What a badass. 

Ravu is going to tribal council  It's got to be Lisi going home.

Ravu may go down as the worst tribe in tribal council history.

Seriously, Lisi.  She calls her tribe a bunch of losers.  Lisi, you're not doing anything to help.  Lisi is actively lobbying to go home.  She wants to be voted off.

Why even be on Survivor if you're not going to try and win?  Don't even try out. 

Hmm, well, this won't be an exciting tribal council. 

Oh, Lisi is having second thoughts.  She wants to stay now.  Alex is baffled by her behavior.  Maybe Dreamz will go home now, but I hope it's Lisi. 

This could be interesting, then.  Tribal council time. 

Jeff talks to Lisi about her emotions.  She's been a freaking roller-coaster.  Dreamz calls her out for giving up in challenges.  Lisi then tries to call out Dreamz, but her arguments are dubious. 

Dreamz is growing on me.  He and Lisi hate each other.

Moment of truth.  And Lisi is gone.  This is a good thing for the show.  Dreamz brings a lot more to the table. 

Well, no merge this week.  It'll probably happen next Thursday.  We'll be back tomorrow with a full recap.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer