Survivor: Fiji - Episode 5 - What Others Are Saying

Where is the love?  When it comes to Survivor:Fiji, it’s not out there in the blogosphere.  We are all losing our patience with the current structure of the show and the severe beating that Ravu takes week after week.  All I can say is the producers better pull out the twist to beat all twists to win us all back over.

TV Squad thinks that the problem is greater than the structure; they think it’s also the specific individuals that wound up on this season and on Ravu in particular that are part of the problem:

“Just when I think, maybe, maybe I can enjoy this season we get more Ravu humiliation. This could be the season that breaks my Survivor love. Last week offered a tiny reprieve but mainly this is just relentless misery. Underdog stories are great. Aitu's wins last season made some of the best Survivor viewing ever. But you had some very physically and mentally adept players on that team and they seem to have had better access to natural resources. Here we have less hardy players who look like emaciated players from Survivor Australia or Survivor Africa and they are just being beaten. And worst of all, being beaten doesn't even make them likable for the most part.”

TVGuide’s live blog agrees:

“Ravu cannot pull it together to win. At this point we can't just blame it on the lack of food; there has to be something wrong with these people. I mean, they haven't won a single challenge. This is pathetic and very, very sad.”

Reality TV Calendar, though, agrees with my personal feeling that the sumo shoving match was not a very equitable choice to ask Ravu to participate in:

“Okay, how fair is this very-physical challenge? Ravu is malnourished and weak, while Moto is well-fed and strong. Ravu doesn't stand a chance in this!”

Moto might have it easy right now, but the fact is they too might soon encounter some challenges based on their own limitations.  Entertainment Weekly notes:

“We talked about the stupidity of Moto last week when they decided to send someone packing instead of switching camps, and apparently that was just an appetizer. But it's one thing to be dumb; it's another to be just plain mean. What the hell was up with Stacy refusing to show Dreamz how to make coffee? Let the man have his caffeine, for crying out loud!”

Indeed.  Moto is riding high on success, but the short-sightedness of Kenward Boo Bernis, Lisi Linares and Stacy Kimball could be their downfall when it comes time to merge.  Whether or not the viewers can wait that long for a more-level playing field remains to be seen.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image Courtesy of CBS)