Survivor: Fiji - Episode 4 - What Others Are Saying

Last night’s Survivor finally had the twist to the Haves vs. the Have-Nots: choose immunity over comfort.  For some viewers, the twist was exactly what they were waiting for.  For others, it was more proof that Survivor has lost its innovative spirit and is grasping at straws to maintain interest.

TVSquad is among those that thought the twist worked:

“So far this season hadn't really been too interesting to watch on that level despite the allure of the premise. It's been more painful than fun, Tonight changed that for me with [the] twist.”

Cultural Learnings also like it, although thinks it should have come a lot sooner:

“I would like to thank the Survivor producers for finally throwing a wrench into the whole camp issue, much later than I expected them to. “

Jam, however, finds the “latest Survivor twist absurd” and thinks, “it took long enough but Survivor has finally ‘jumped the shark.’"

One thing I didn’t understand is the number of bloggers who got worked up, seeming to think that the producers assumed that Moto would win or else there would have needed to be two bottles with messages. 

I thought it was clear: the choice was immunity vs. comfort for EITHER tribe.  If Ravu had won the challenge (remote, but a possibility), the choice would have been the same, just carried out differently: STAY at camp and keep all your players or GO to Happy Fatty Camp and vote somebody off.  Then again, maybe I’m the one not getting it.

For some, the issue was less the merit of the twist itself, and more the choice Moto made: comfort.

The Advertiser’s Survivor Blog thinks it’s only natural that they sacrificed own of their own, saying, “Can you really blame them? I can’t.”

MeeVee’s Blog response would be: Can I blame them?  Sure! 

“This, I hereby predict, will be their downfall.  Choosing comfort by sacrificing a tribe member?  Tis the way in which might civilizations have fallen.”

And who they chose to sacrifice?  Reality TV Calendar thinks that voting off the physically strong Liliana was a huge mistake:

“Let's get rid of Lilliana! Where the heck did that GE light bulb moment come from? Folks, she was one of the most motivated and strongest members in your tribe.”

Critics might complain that Survivor:Fiji has lost its edge, but the fact is their twists continue to make people think, talk and blog, so at some level, the show still has the power to provoke.

-Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist