Survivor: Fiji - Episode 2 Quick Thoughts
Survivor: Fiji returns tonight with its second episode, which means its the first real episode.  No more introductions, just pure Survivor.  Questions for the night:  How lazy will the tribe in the nice camp get?  Will the immunity challenge determine who goes to what camp?  Well, let's find out.  These are my quick, spur of the moment thoughts while watching tonight's episode.
  • Ravu, the tribe in the “poor” camp, has resorted to licking leaves for water.  Sad, just sad.  I can't really blame them for being in bad shape.  I don't know what I'd do with no water, no fire and only a machete.
  • Lisi, who we heard nothing from last episode, seems to be quite a character.

  • The nice camp is really, really nice.  Hammocks, pillows, food.  I've camped in worse conditions. 
  • Boo lets loose a vicious fart.  Thought you'd like to know. 
  • Ravu is attempting to make fire.  They fail.  Everyone looks like hell. 
  • Yau-Man's plan: fill the canteen with coconut juice.
  • Ravu is really dehydrated.  Rocky eats a clam off the ground.  “We're staaah-vin' here, bro,” he says.
  • Boo catches something in his eye and it looks nasty.  Then, Boo cuts his finger and knee with an ax.  They're really playing up the “Boo-is-prone-to-injury” story.  Which is warranted. 
  • They bring Sylvia back to the Ravu camp.  She seems a little miffed that they haven't built a shelter.
  • Yau-Man gives Sylvia a big hug when she comes back, but only so he can check her bag and see if she found the idol.  Clever man.
  • Sylvia returns to her bossy self when she comes back.  Her tribe mates aren't big fans.
  • Dreamz tells his story of his mom being a crackhead and how he and his siblings were homeless and had to scavenge for food.  He's in the game to help his family.  Touching stuff, but I just hope he doesn't act like he does last week. 
  • Ravu hikes up a hill on the island, looking for food, anything.  They find some rotten mangos, but nothing else. 
  • Ravu finds pineapples, a bunch of them.  Wow, that must have a sight for sore eyes for everyone there.  And they're right next to camp, to boot.
  • Time for the reward/immunity challenge.  This will be interesting.  Ravu has to be far weaker than Moto. 
  • The challenge: it involves paddling, retrieving crates, and erecting a “puzzle pole”.
  • Challenge consequences:  Winning team gets a bunch of fishing gear and they get to send one of the losing team members to Exile Island.  If Ravu wins, they get flint.
  • For a full recap of the challenge, check tomorrow's full recap.  I don't have the typing acumen for a good play-by-play.
  • Moto wins.  Ravu can't feel very good right now. 
  • Earl gets sent to Exile Island.  He kills a snake with a machete.  Primal, man.
  • I like the new “exile island saves that person from tribal council” angle.  It adds a lot of strategy to the winner of the immunity challenge. 
  • Rocky wants Erica gone. 
  • Sylvia is surprised by the “getting rid of Erica” gameplan.  Everyone seems to buy into that plan, except for Anthony.  He and Rocky get into a little tiff over nothing, really.
  • The reason everyone is giving for wanting Erica gone is the fact that she went nuts at the challenge (which she did).  Anthony wants Sylvia gone and he begins trying to get everyone else on board. 
  • I would boot Sylvia, just because she is really annoying and not an asset on the challenges. 
  • Tribal council time.  Jeff discusses the Erica flip-out and the whole Sylvia being a leader issue.  I think you have to forgive Erica at this point, she was just being passionate and she gives you a lot more during challenges.
  • Prediction: Sylvia gets the boot.
  • Tally those votes, Jeff.  Has there ever been a better vote-tallier than Mr. Jeff Probst?
  • I was wrong, as usual.  Erica is eliminated, as is her glorious afro.

Check back tomorrow afternoon for our exclusive interview with Erica Durousseau

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer 

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