Survivor: Fiji - Episode 12 Live Thoughts
Does Alex have any sort of chance at not getting voted off tonight?  Please let him win the immunity challenge.  I thought last week was a pretty good Survivor episode, because at least we didn't know exactly who was going to be sent home, since it was a toss-up between Alex and Mookie.  Anyway, I just hope there's some intrigue.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching tonight's episode.

After the recap, Alex is pretty pleased with himself for voting for Mookie and saving himself.  Earl is pissed about the split vote; he wanted Alex out.  Earl and company are freaking out for some reason.

Stacy approaches Alex afterwards, still at night, and says that she wants to still be friends after all this.  Alex is aloof.  He couldn't care less.

Hmm, interesting.  First, Alex has decided to be a "ninja" and just try to listen to what everyone is saying to each other.

Earl has laid out his plan.  His alliance has a strong three with him, Cassandra and Yau-Man.   They deliberate on who they should bring in as the fourth alliance member.  Earl is, inexplicably, leaning towards Dreamz.

The reward challenge: there are big pieces of pork hanging from a string.  They have to rip as much meat off with only their hands, and drop it on their own plate.  Whoever tears off the most onto the plate wins.  The winner and two runners up get flown in a helicopter to an island where they will river raft a rainforest.  The winner also sends one person to Exile Island and, also, gets a vague "leg up" in the immunity challenge.

Whether he wins or not, Yau-Man continues to do very well in the challenges.   Every Survivor is just nasty after the challenge, meat everywhere, smeared over their bodies and on their faces.

Boo wins the challenge.  Yau-Man and Dreamz are second and third, thus are allowed to go rafting.  Boo sends Earl to Exile Island. 

The helicopter comes to pick up Boo, Yau-Man, and Dreamz.  Yau's never been on a 'copter before.  He's excited.  I want to be on a helicopter.

Okay, okay, okay.  Dreamz, of all people, complains about Boo talking too much.  Sure, Dreamz.

The three guys head down the rapids.  Looks like fun.

Earl gets the second clue for the other immunity idol.  It's in a tree on a path.  The three guys get a huge lunch.  The best part, or so they say: Letters from their families!!

People get emotional.  We've seen it all before.

People have a discussion about how Boo never stops talking.  Even Yau-Man chimes in, saying that he almost ruined the reward.

Alex makes a big play for everyone getting out.  Dreamz seems to be on Alex's side: he'd rather see Boo gone. 

Time for the immunity challenge. Earl returns from Exile.

Boo brings the "advantage" he received in the reward challenge.  They are climbing steps, which are what everyone else is searching for in the first part of the two part challenge.  Everyone has a strip of beach, in which three paddle steps are buried.  The first two to find their paddles join Boo in the second part, in which they have to use the steps to climb a twelve foot pole.

Dreamz find all three of his steps before anyone else finds one.  Impressive. 

Alex gets his third step, and he moves on the finals with Boo and Dreamz.  This is huge for Boo and Alex.

Wow, that was an exciting finish.  Boo gets off to a lead.  Alex then decides to screw the steps, and just tries to scale the pole.  He almost makes it, but slips a couple times at the end, giving Boo enough time climb to the top and win immunity. 

Goodbye, Alex.  Probably.

Yau-Man is very confident that Alex is going home.  So is everyone else. 

Alex isn't going to beg for votes.  He thinks the people who need to talk to him will approach him on their own. 

Cassandra does approach him, and Alex brings up the possibility of voting out Yau-Man, because this might be there only chance to do it.  Cassandra thinks it might be a good idea.  Dreamz is also on board with the plan.  Earl understands where they're coming from, but is reticent to do so.

Whoa, there may be some crazy shit going down.  Dreamz is fully on board with voting out Yau-Man, however.  Dreamz brings Stacy on board, and so it's up to Cassandra.  If she votes Yau-Man, he'll be going home. 

Alex might have just made a miracle happen. 

Tribal council time.

Yau-Man having the immunity idol makes him a huge threat.  Yau admits that he could be a target, but has decided against using the idol. 

Alex is very well-spoken.  This could be a huge surprise...but, more likely, a big letdown. 

Huh, Alex gets voted off.  Pretty spineless play there by Cassandra and Stacy, but understandable.

So, the episode ended how everyone thought it would, but CBS did manage to squeeze some intrigue out of the hour.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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