Survivor: Fiji - Episode 11 Live Thoughts
It's been a good season of Survivor so far, hasn't it?  I've thoroughly enjoyed every episode.  As always when this is the case, the cast is good.  I hope that the Mookie-Alex-Dreamz triumvirate figures something out to make it interesting, but I'm not holding my breath.  I hope Dreamz gets called out hard tonight.  We shall see.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.

God, what the hell was Dreamz doing last week?  He just punted Edgardo, Alex and Mookie under the bus. 

Alex and Mookie, immediately after the tribal council, realize that Dreamz turned on them.

Dreamz was stunned by Earl's alliance voting for Edgardo instead of Mookie, who they had agreed upon.  Earl explained it to Dreamz and he is satisfied. 

Stacy, the Ice Queen.  She says that since Alex and Mookie's days are numbered, they'll be lucky if they get fed.  Real compassionate, Stacy.

Mookie hates Dreamz.  As he should.

Dreamz tries to play it off like he didn't turn on the Four Horsemen.  He's not making any sense.  Dreamz is blatantly lying to these guys.  Pretty despicable.

An early reward challenge.  The players will be randomly divided into two teams.  They're playing 500 with ball launchers and cylindrical ball catchers. 

The winning team gets a lot of hygienic products and a trip to a nice spa. 

The two teams.  Orange team: Yau, Boo, Cassandra, and Mookie. Green team: Stacy, Dreamz, Earl, and Alex.

Boo goes down with an injury.  He writhes in pain on the ground.  He thinks it might be his ACL.  Yeah, they're playing in the mud.  He heard a pop.  This might be bad.

Oh, maybe not.  Boo says the pain has subsided.  That's good.

Mookie yells at Yau-Man repeatedly over his ball placement.  Yau's the launcher.

Green team wins.  That's Stacy, Dreamz, Earl and Alex.  They decide to send Boo to Exile.

Boo gets a new clue to the immunity idol.  They've re-hid the idol after it was used by Alex last episode.

Alex, while on the reward, is going to try and get himself back into the alliance.

The four winners take orgasmic showers.  They're also fed.  Stacy felt it was completely awkward that Alex was there.

Alex tries to make a play with Earl.  It's not working.

Mookie is still not giving up.  He figures out that Yau-Man probably has the idol.  While Yau-Man is fishing, he takes a look in Yau-Man's bag and sees it.

I thought that he might steal it, which would have been awesome, but he doesn't.

Stacy and Cassandra overhear Mookie and Alex discussing what to do with the information about the idol.

It's unclear whether the two girls can hear everything or not.

Mookie and Alex hatch a plan to tell everyone about the idol.  When they realize that the two girls overheard their conversation, they decide to immediately confront Yau-Man. 

So, it turns out that Cassandra and Stacy didn't hear what Mookie and Alex were talking about.

They confront Yau and ask him whether he wants to tell the group, or whether they should.

Yau goes back and tells the group and everyone gets pissed off that they went through Yau-Man's bag.  Whatever, it's a game.

However, it look like this may change things.  Dreamz thinks that Yau is now a threat, so he may be swayed to go back with Mookie and Alex.

Boo arrives back in time for the immunity challenge.

The challenge: there's a big grid.  Each member gets a three adjacent block grid.  They have to memorize coordinates and then take turns bombing grids.  The last person left with a block wins.  However, their grids are secretly selected.  It's like battleship.  Since they're secretly selected, multiple people can be on one block.

Earl is the first eliminated.  Dreamz and Boo are next.  Cassandra is gone.  Mookie is done.  Stacy wins.  Dammit.  Not a big fan of Stacy.

Alex says he's not going to go down with a fight.

Boo tells everyone that the idol is an easy spot to find, so they want to split the vote three and three, in order to assure either Mookie or Alex go home.  Hmm, if Mookie and Alex catch wind of this, maybe they can swing Dreamz onto their side.  Not likely, but not impossible.

Tribal council time.

Mookie and Alex play up the back-stabbing issue from last tribal council.

Probst grills Mookie about rifling through Yau-Man's bag after Mookie tells Jeff that he found the idol.

Time to vote.

Ooh, that was smart.  Alex votes for Mookie, so if they did do the split, Mookie would be gone thanks to Alex's extra, unexpected vote.

And it worked.  Mookie is gone.

Well, that outcome was completely expected.  Not a lot of intrigue tonight.  Hopefully, Alex can win immunity next week and make things interesting.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer