Survivor: Fiji - Episode 10 Live Thoughts
Survivor: Fiji promises to be, at the least, an important episode tonight.  Will The Four Horsemen stay alive?  I'm not sure how I feel about these four horsemen.   They've got too many weak links. 

I still feel like Michelle got a raw deal last week. Hey, it's a bat. 

Earl isn't too pleased that Michelle is gone.   Mookie is also pissed that Michelle is gone.  He thought that he and Dreamz were on the same wavelength.

Mookie and Alex get into a little fight about Alex's support of Stacy.  I agree.  That was weak, Alex.

Earl's alliance is a little screwed.  Earl is trying to pick up Boo in his alliance, in lieu of Michelle.

Earl stands atop a hill, nobly.

It's a very early reward challenge.  It's The Dating Game, Survivor style. 

Every time somebody gets a question right (i.e. agree with the group's general consensus about a personal question) they get to smash somebody's block.  Everyone has three blocks.

Stacy's block gets knocked out first.

The winner of this challenge gets to spend the night on a yacht and send someone to Exile Island.

Everyone really hates Stacy.  Weird.  I guess we haven't seen much of her, so it's hard to know why.

Cassandra wins the challenge and sends Mookie to Exile Island.  Interesting choice. 

On her way back to camp, she has to choose three people to take on the yacht with her. 

Mookie is pissed at Cassandra for sending him to Exile Island.

Cassandra decides to take Dreamz, Yau-Man, and Boo. 

It's a big yacht. 

Yau-Man is doing his best to bring Dreamz over to his side.  He even says he wants to brainwash him.

The yacht is full of booze.  Cassandra, Boo and Yau-Man want to vote out Alex next.

So, this is all very interesting.  Dreamz is the swing vote and, really, it looks like he could go either way. 

Good Lord!!!!!

Dreamz tells Earl that Mookie has an immunity idol.  C'mon Dreamz.  Are you kidding me?  This certainly changes the voting.

All right, I love these type of immunity challenges.  The contestants have to stand in a box, on elevated footholds. 

Cassandra is the first to fall. 

Stacy, Alex, and Edgardo have the most to lose.

Edgardo drops off next, then Earl.

Mookie is the fourth person out of the challenge.   Alex is next.  Stacy falls off.  Boo, after a noble struggle, falls.

Yau-Man wins!!!!  What a badass.

The Four Horsemen decide to vote for Earl.  They think that Earl might have the idol but want to vote him out anyway.  They also think they have Stacy's vote.

Things have gotten quite complicated.  Both the immunity idols may come into play at tonight's tribal council.

Dreamz is backstabbing everyone. 

After Mookie gives the idol to Alex, Dreamz witnesses it and immediately tells Earl and his faction. 

This is...this is unbelievable.  Dreamz thinks he's turned into a mastermind.  He's playing both sides and the result is probably that Edguardo is going home. 

The four horesmen are finished, I think.

We're at tribal council now, and I am baffled by Dreamz.  Either he's a genius (I don't think he is) or he thinks he's one. 

Dreamz votes for Mookie, which is confusing in and of itself. 

Ahahaha.  Alex plays the immunity idol, quite unnecessarily.

Edgardo is going home, taking the four horsemen completely off-guard.  A wasted immunity idol.  This was the most horribly played episode by any alliance I've ever seen.  Dreamz just screwed Alex, Mookie and Edguardo.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer  

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