Survivor: China - Zhan Hu Top 6 Power Rankings 2.0
The Zhan Hu tribe on Survivor: China came away with a momentous immunity challenge win last week, saving themselves from what would have been a crippling 8-5 tribe member deficit.  I'm sure it made the producers ecstatic as well.  Blowouts are no fun.  But, that doesn't mean things are all rosy in camp.  As witnessed last week and in the promos for Thursday's episode, Dave “Zoolander” Cruser keeps rubbing his fellow Zhan Hu members the wrong way.  I'm annoyed by Dave and I only see him once a week.  I can't imagine spending days upon days with him.  In the commercials for Thursday's Survivor, he and Sherea get into what looks like major scuffle.  This could have major repercussions if Zhan Hu ends up going to tribal council.  With that in mind, let's get our rank on.

#6 - Dave Cruser

If you're going to be a successful leader on Survivor, you have to be well-liked.  Or, you have to be incredible in challenges.  Dave is neither.  I can't imagine Dave not being the first on the chopping block the next time Zhan Hu goes to tribal council.  No one seems to like him and he doesn't do much in the challenges.  That's a recipe for a vote off.

#5 - Sherea Lloyd

Sherea seems pretty cool and she proved herself at the immunity challenge last week as a dominant female presence.  But, if the promos are any indication, she's about to mix things up with Dave.  Whether she or Dave is at fault could become moot within the tribe.  If she starts making people uneasy, Sherea could be gone soon.  Sherea also hasn't seemed to have cooked up much in the way of alliances. 

#4 - Peih-Gee Law

Although she came off as abrasive and bossy early on in the season, the fact that Dave is worse in those areas may allow Peih-Gee to float on through to the merge.  She's not much of an asset in the challenges either, which could eventually be a problem, unless she makes it to the merge.  At that point, her mediocre performances in the challenges may convince stronger players to keep her around.  Ever since Dave was officially dubbed the leader, it looks like Peih-Gee has laid off her desire to tell people what to do, embracing a position further in the background. 

#3 - Jaime Dugan

As I've said before, the nice, innocent cute blonde girl has an advantage.  She appears harmless (whether she is or not) and will not be considered a threat.  Jaime gets along with everyone, and she should have an easy road to the merge.  Now, it all depends on the alliances she makes.  And, if she picks up another clue or two to the location of the immunity idol, she could go really far.

#2 - Erik Huffman

I still don't feel like I know a ton about Erik, although he was a bigger presence in last week's episode than he had been in the previous two.  He was very strong in the immunity challenge last week, getting double-teamed by the other tribe.  Physically, he might be stronger than Frosti, though Frosti has the leg up in all other physical/athletic aspects.  The jury is still out.

#1 - Michael 'Frosti' Zernow

Unlike the other challenge monster James, Frosti is going to have trouble in challenges that feature brute strength.  His agility and speed are still otherworldly, and he's a nice guy.  Mostly, he's indispensable to his team and is an almost automatic entrant to the merge.  I can't wait for him and James to compete in the individual challenges.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)