Survivor: China - Zhan Hu Top 5 Power Rankings
Survivor: China's Zhan Hu tribe, whether it was justified or not, made a poor strategic decision last week when they eliminated Dave Cruser from their tribe.  Dave was an annoying dude, a jerk, someone who was terribly difficult to co-exist with, but he was also as hard a worker as Survivor has come by, doing all of the necessary daily chores.  He wasn't great in the challenges, but he wasn't bad either.  Without Dave, how are the remaining five Zhan Hu members going to delineate all the tasks Dave accomplished on a daily basis?  No one appears all that motivated to work in camp.  This is a problem.  End Dave rant.  Let's do some arbitrary ranking of contestants!

#5 - Sherea Lloyd

I don't know if it was the editing last episode, but Sherea's attitude was terrible.  It looked like she would be the one voted off, a decision I would have agreed with.  Her reasoning that she needs to not help around camp so she can be strong in the challenges is a classic lazy Survivor cop out that we've heard countless times.  Sherea is a spirited person, and redemption in the challenges isn't out of the question, but she needs to start doing something in camp.

#4 - Peih-Gee Law

Started the season out as incredibly annoying, but has backed off of that persona since.  Again, editing may be the culprit here, but that's all we have to go on, so I'll assume Peih-Gee has been more personable since those first few days in camp.  She's fairly weak in the challenges and she lacks a strong alliance, so she could be voted off at any time.

#3 - Jaime Dugan

The cute Southern girl has a leg up.  She's been neutral, not getting on anyone's nerves, performing OK in the challenges, and really just not bringing any attention to herself.  The promos this week hint at a possible love connection between Erik and Jaime.  This could be a great thing for Jaime, or a death wish.  You know how these things go on Survivor.

#2 - Michael 'Frosti' Zernow

I've knocked Frosti off the top spot for the first time, and I'm not entirely sure why.  Frosti is still great in all the challenges, but hasn't shown any game outside of that.  He's going to need some alliance members (Peih-Gee?) to get really far in the game.  As of now, it could be the merge and not much further.

#1 - Erik Huffman

He's proved more adept at the challenges every week and if the promos for this coming episode are true and Erik sparks something up with the lovely Ms. Dugan, you've got to give the man some props.  Not to mention that Jaime would be a nice alliance member to have in his pocket (or, I guess, vice versa) going forward, especially past the merge.  It's always dangerous to be known as “the couple” on Survivor, but it's definitely worked before.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)