Survivor: China - Fei Long Top 8 Power Rankings 2.0
Is this going to be one of those seasons with a dominant Survivor tribe?  These happen every once in a while on Survivor, where one tribe is relatively unstoppable in challenges and pulls off a string of three, four, five immunity wins in a row and decimates the other team prior to the merge.  These type of seasons are generally less interesting than the Survivors with equal tribes. Physically, Zhan Hu cannot touch Fei Long.  James is the most physically dominant specimen the show has ever seen, Aaron is a big, strong dude, and with Massaro gone Amanda is the most athletic female remaining.  For entertainment's sake, let's hope Zhan Hu pulls off an immunity victory tomorrow night, creating some conflict and intrigue within the Fei Long tribe.

#8 - Denise Martin

We haven't heard much from Denise, and that may be a problem.  It's hard for older castaways to relate with the younger tribe members, and Denise hasn't seemed to make any real connections with her tribe mates.  She also doesn't appear particularly good in the challenges, which means an immunity loss may induce Fei Long into trimming some challenge fat, putting Denise on the chopping block.

#7 – Leslie Nease

As indicated by Jaime on last week's show, Leslie is considered a weak player.  Her God-liness hasn't hurt Leslie just yet, and may never, but it's something to watch out for.  More importantly, if she doesn't perform well in the challenges and Fei Long loses immunity, she could be in the same boat as Denise.

#6 – Courtney Yates

People seem to dislike Courtney.  I actually kind of enjoy her presence.  She's sassy and isn't going to take anybody's crap.  She is tiny, though, and has already been kept out of a challenge by her tribe, so you can see how they feel about her physical abilities.  She needs to set up some sort of alliance.  Perhaps with James?

#5 – Jean-Robert Bellande 

Jean-Robert caught the ire of his tribe last week for his lazy behavior.  Bellande told the CBS cameras that it was all a ploy.  He plans on being lazy around camp initially and slowly working more and more.  This will do two things.  First, it will save energy, allowing better challenge performances.  And, two, when he does start working hard, it will be very noticeable to everyone else, who will hopefully be awed by his new found effort.  This may be a load of bull, and Bellande may just be lazy, but given his poker background, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, for now.

#4 – Aaron Reisberger

Aaron is a much better leader than Zhan Hu's Dave, but the usual trappings of being a leader still apply to Aaron.  He may be well-liked, but is always vulnerable to a coup of some sort.  However, his new alliance with Todd and Amanda could prove to be a powerhouse alignment and catapult all three deep into the game.  If that alliance were to ever burst, though, you'd have to think that Aaron would be the first to go. 

#3 – Todd Herzog

Todd is a student of the game, which means he will always be in danger of over thinking just about everything.  That being said, he has a pretty good set-up at this point, the third and least threatening member of a solid alliance.  However, I think Amanda is in better shape because Todd appears to be a man who enjoys scheming.  Such tactics could sour some people on Todd and eventually make him a target. 

#2 – Amanda Kimmel

Amanda won me over after her topless triumph in last week's reward challenge.  She looks like a fierce competitor when she needs to be, but an amiable, kind person while in camp.  That's a good combination.  Now with the three-person alliance she started, she's set up in a perfect situation, in that the the two men in her tribe will likely shield her if others end up targeting her alliance.  The merge is almost a certainty for Amanda. 

#1 – James Clement

What can you say?  James is a beast.  If he makes it to the merge, which he definitely will, I could see him winning every single individual immunity challenge.  He needs to work on his social skills, but the rest will be easy for him.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)