Survivor: China - Fei Long Top 8 Power Rankings
Survivor: China got started with a bang last Thursday, CBS providing audiences with a diverse and entertaining group of castaways.  The problem in the first couple episodes of Survivor is always getting to know everyone.  It takes a little time.  Since the Fei Long tribe won the immunity last week, we spent more time with the other tribe and so it's harder to get a solid feel for the Fei Long members.  Expect these rankings, then, to drastically change over the coming weeks.  For now, this is my best guess. 

#8 – Denise Martin

Denis seems like a very nice lady.  But with the mullet and lack of athletic ability, you have to view Denise as a challenge liability.  Also, it's going to be difficult for her to fit in with the younger members of the tribe.  There doesn't appear to be any personality issues and she looked like she got along with everyone just fine, but I don't seen her getting past the next couple weeks.

#7 - Leslie Nease

The Christian Radio host had a confusing first episode.  She angered some people with her unwillingness to stay through the Buddhist ceremony, but from then on she looked like a great team player.  She gave James some good advice about being sociable, but if she fully takes over the role of “Team Mother” that's going to eventually rub some people the wrong way.  If she's good at the challenges, then maybe she could advance deep, but I wouldn't count on it.

#6 – Jean-Robert Bellande

Jean-Robert overplayed his hand early.  The poker player was one of my early favorites before the season started, but now it seems that he's just going to piss people off with his confrontational attitude.  If he reigns it in, he has the intelligence to get far, but if this week's promos ring true, he's also lazy, which never sits well with the tribe members. 

#5 – Todd Herzog

I don't know what to make of Todd just yet.  He looks poised to play a very strategic game, and he may be a really smart dude.  But, who knows?  All we have to go on is his weird conversation with Bellande, which was hard to decipher.

#4 – Courtney Yates

This is probably too high for Courtney, but I just like her forwardness.  She's in shape, and although she won't have much patience for anyone who angers her, I could see her getting pretty far in Survivor.  She might be one of those personalities who stronger players bring along later in the game, because she's someone you'd like to go up against in the final vote.  But, she's pretty abrasive and I woudn't bet against her burning some bridges.

#3 – James Clement

The most physically gifted member of Fei Long is also the most socially inept.  He's quiet, and a grave digger, but the tribe will not be able to afford getting rid of him simply because of how great he'll be in challenges.  He's also a nice man, someone who if he starts interacting with the others will be easy to get along with.

#2 – Amanda Kimmel

These last two are kind of default picks.  Amanda is probably the most athletic female on the show, which has to count for something.  Mostly, this is just a hunch.

#1 – Aaron Reisberger

The precarious position of tribe “leader” is something Aaron was clearly reticent about taking.  He did, however, and it will be up to him to keep his tribe from ever turning on him.  If he can get along with everyone and lead them to more immunity victories that Zhan Hu, he could make it deep in the game.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)