Survivor China: Episode 4, "Ride The Workhorse Till The Tail Falls Off" Recap
On last night's episode of Survivor, teams set off fireworks and compete in a barbaric challenge.  One tribe was visited by local fishermen for their reward.  A fight erupted at Zhan Hu between Sherea and Dave.  Another clue was revealed regarding the location of the immunity idol.  A leader was sent packing.

Jean Robert uses his background as a poker player to advance him in the game.  He spent the first three episodes being lazy and generally useless around camp.  Last night, he stepped it up and suddenly, was pulling his weight.  His tribe seemed to take notice with the exception of James, who just doesn't seem to be a fan no matter what Jean Robert does.

At Zhan Hu, their rice became moldy and could not be eaten.  Sherea begins to throw everything away but Dave tries to stop her when she tries to toss out things that belonged to him.  The two get in each other's faces and people start to get fed up with Dave.

For their reward challenge, the teams used long chopsticks to carry a fiery ball to a chute which would set off fireworks.  Thanks to three strong pairs in a row, Fei Long wins.  Native fishermen visited their camp, bringing spices and vegetables.  They also brought trained birds which caught many fish for them to feast on.  Fei Long chose to kidnap Dave, who gave his immunity idol clue to Todd.  Jean Robert whipped out some Mandarin he had learned growing up and was able to speak fluently with the fisherman and his family, scoring him more points.

At the immunity challenges, tribes dressed up in warrior clothing, hurling objects at vases to break them.  Though Zhan Hu gets the first point on the board, Todd and James both break out strong performances, helping Fei Long win yet another challenge.  So far, Zhan Hu has only won 2 challenges while Fei Long dominates.  At tribal council, it came down to eliminating Sherea, for her laziness around camp or Dave, for his abrasive personality.  Zhan Hu decided to eliminate Dave, sending him home.

Later today, Dave will be talking to BuddyTV about his time on Survivor: China.  Be sure to check it out!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)