Survivor China: Episode 4, "Ride The Workhorse Till The Tail Falls Off" Live Thoughts
On last week's episode of Survivor: China,  Zhan Hu won both their reward and immunity challenges.  For their reward challenge, they won kerosene, rope, pillows, and a tarp.  Fei Long was sent to tribal council and it came down to Jean Robert or Leslie for elimination.  Fei Long chose to send Leslie, the Christian radio host, home. 

It's time for a new episode of Survivor,  and I'm here with live thoughts for the hour!  Feel free to post your thoughts during the hour and we'll see whose torch goes out tonight.

Jean Robert kicks his plan into gear and starts helping out around camp.  Maybe some of his tribe members notice, but Courtney isn't falling for it. 

Over at Zhan Hu, their rice is absolutely disgusting and moldy.  It's totally ruined.  Sherea moves it and Dave gets on her case about it.  A big fight is comin', I can feel it.  Dave gets in her face when she tries to throw some shells away that he wants to keep and bring home to his mom.  Much as that's a nice gesture, his tribe feels he wore out his welcome.

Tree mail.  Both tribes are going to tribal council and food is on the line.  That's some high stakes.  The look of surprise is hard to hide on Fei Long's face when they see Leslie isn't in the game anymore.  The prize for this reward is huge - fisherman will come to camp, teach them to fish, and make them a meal.  I want that and I'm not starving!

Teams have to work together to carry a flaming ball which will light off fireworks.  PG and Sherea do a nice job working together as do Todd and Denise.  Fei Long gets the first ball in with Zhan Hu right behind.  Amanda and Aaron pull Fei Long even further ahead.  Dave and Erik can't seem to get it together for Zhan Hu.  Jean Robert and James win it for their tribe and it looks like the fishermen will be visiting Fei Long's camp.  Fei Long kidnaps Dave but their reason is unclear.

By the way, fireworks?  Nice touch, loved it.

James gives Dave some food but rejects his grateful hug.  "I told you about the hugging," he said.  Ha, that must mean Dave has tried to hug him before.  Dave is now hugging Courtney and Fei Long calls him a nutcase.  They may be right.  Dave gives Todd a clue but not before giving him a hug as well.  Todd also has information that Leslie gave him before she left so he's at a big advantage.

Zhan Hu has a hard time getting their butts in gear with Dave, the workhorse, gone.  They still are thinking of getting rid of him.  Maybe being kidnapped is going to be the kiss of death but looking at Zhan Hu struggle, they'd be stupid to vote him out.

The fisherman family arrives at Fei Long and time out, WHAT?  Jean Robert speaks Mandarin.  That's pretty impressive.  He translates for the family and it's awesome.  Jean Robert, on this episode, has gone way up in my book. 

Cool moment of the episode: the trained birds who fish.

I might be impressed with Jean Robert, but James isn't, who gets annoyed with the way he barks out orders.  I just thought he was translating.

It's time for the elimination challenge and Dave rejoins his tribe, with hugs all around.  Hey, maybe he just likes to hug.  The challenge is a nice change from what we've been used to over the years.  The Chinese culture really brings a new, fresh feel to the show.  Dressed like warriors, the teams will try to break each other's vases.

Stupid ninja special effects. 

Zhan Hu gets the first point.  Todd and James just dominated, giving Fei Long 3 points.  Fei Long ends up winning, sending Zhan Hu to tribal council.  Uh oh Dave....

Members of the tribe are hesitant to vote Dave out and rightfully so.  Word of advice: don't vote out the guy who does the most around camp and can perform strong in challenges if needed.  Seems Sherea is on the block, too.

Sherea is abrasive at tribal council, probably tense because she might be going home.  With four votes, Zhan Hu makes what could be a big mistake, and eliminates Dave.

Tomorrow, Dave will be talking to BuddyTV, giving us his thoughts on what went down in China.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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