Survivor China: Episode 3, "I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder" Recap
On tonight's episode of Survivor: China, Zhan Hu made a comeback in the competitions.  Todd and Courtney overheard their tribemates talking about them.  A favor was repaid and a tribe got rid of a weak player.

Jean Robert continues his strategy of intentionally being disliked and man, it's working.  Early in the episode, he snuggles up the girls at night, who don't want to be anywhere near him.  He complains that he's cold and just wants to be warm but he invades everyone's personal space.  Later in the episode, he and James talk strategy while Todd and Courtney overhear their plans.  Todd wants him out as soon as possible.  When does this strategy turn into him being the popular guy at camp?

Tonight's reward challenge got extremely physical.  The tribes were competing for kerosene, rope, pillows, and a tarp - things that both tribes desperately wanted.  Fei Long looked to keep up the winning stream with Zhan Hu was praying for their first one.  Tribes squared off (men vs. men and women vs. women) trying to push each other into the water.  Though James dominated for Fei Long during the men's rounds, the Zhan Hu women got scrappy and managed to pull of a win for their tribe.

As part of the prize, Zhan Hu also got to kidnap a tribe member and they chose Leslie.  She was given another clue as to there whereabouts of the hidden immunity idol.  Since Jaime gave it to her last week, Leslie decided to repay the favor.  She also gave up too much information about her tribe and seemed to bond with her opponents.  This had Aaron worried back at Fei Long, who didn't trust her to stay loyal if she was around for the merge.

The immunity challenge involved both physical and mental aspects.  Tribes had to cut through a rope containing puzzle pieces, put the puzzle together, then drag the heavy puzzle across the finish line.  Courtney got Fei Long off to a very slow start while Zhan Hu blew right past them.  Zhan Hu went 2-2 tonight and won the immunity challenge as well, sending Fei Long to tribal council.

Back at camp, there was a debate as to who should go home.  It seemed to come down between Jean Robert and Leslie.  Jean Robert, for being creepy, disliked, and untrustworthy and Leslie for being a weak player but also untrustworthy.  In the end, the tribe gave Leslie five votes, eliminating her, and sending her home.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear what Leslie had to say to BuddyTV about her time on Survivor: China!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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