Survivor China: Episode 3, "I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder" Live Thoughts
Last week on Survivor, Fei Long wins the ability to kidnap a member of the opposing tribe and they choose Jaime.  She brings a clue regarding the immunity idol and can give it to whomever she wants.  She chooses Leslie, feeling she is a weak player.  Zhan Hu lost the immunity challenge for the second week in a row, leaving Dave and Ashley on the chopping black.  Zhan Hu eliminated Ashley, for not pulling her weight and fighting with other tribe members.

It's time for a new episode and I'll be here with live thoughts throughout the hour.  Post your thoughts as well!

I don't know how anybody gets any sleep out there, especially with Jean Robert's snoring and cuddling.  I wouldn't want him up in my space either every night.  If he's cold, he should put his silk shirt back on.

Fei Long has one crab for eight people.  They better start finding a new method of finding food.  I think James just talked more in the last two minutes than the last two episodes combined.  He's starting to come alive and I'm happy about it.  He's quickly becoming my favorite to win this whole thing.

I have a question for Zhan Hu, how much longer do I have to listen to PG and Dave argue?  For that reason alone, I've never wished harder for a double elimination.

Time for reward challenge.  They're playing for kerosene, rope, pillows, and a tarp.  Too bad there's no food with it but I'd take that prize!  This is going to be physical.  Looking at the commercials this week, it looks like James will dominate.

Surprisingly, in the women's round, the Zhan Hu women dominated.  Dave just got naked for the men's round.  Ew.  Who does he think he is, Richard Hatch?  Fei Long wins that round.  Another women's round now.  PG and Courtney roll Denise into the water, Zhan Hu wins again.  Dave is still naked and the men go for another round.  All the guys attack each other and Eric is left again against James and his gigantic arms.  James wins again.  Women again, score is 2-2.  These women are VICIOUS!  They roll Denise into the water again and Zhan Hu wins their first challenge.  'Bout time.

They get to kidnap a member of Fei Long and they take Leslie, who just gives up a ton of information about her tribe.  C'mon, Leslie.  You should know better.  Here's another lesson.  Make sure you are in the clear before you talk strategy.  Courtney and Todd overhear everything James and Jean Robert say about who they want out.  Todd wants them out now.  Leslie just repaid the favor and gave Jaime the clue regarding the idol. 

It's back to Fei Long for Leslie as it's time for the immunity challenge.  I once heard that Jeff Probst has to repeat the directions for these challenges over and over to the contestants.  I can see why.  I'd be like, "You want me to chop the what to get the what now?"

Hey, Courtney, just take as much time as you want.  You don't have a challenge to win or anything.  Zhan Hu is quickly running away with this thing.  Finally, Courtney gets of there so Fei Long can have a fighting chance.  Zhan Hu can't figure out their puzzle. 

What's up with the samurai freeze when they chop through their ropes?

Zhan Hu got it together and won immunity, going 2-2 tonight.  Hmm, so who's on the chopping block now over at Fei Long?  Courtney?  It would make sense, wouldn't it?

Courtney just said the quote that is the title of tonight's episode.  Apparently, the challenge kicked her butt.  Aaron is looking to oust Leslie, after she was kidnapped by the other tribe.  He doesn't trust her in the merge.  I don't trust anybody at the merge!  Todd doesn't want to compete against the big guys.  Basically, he's most physically competitive with the women.  I bet Denise could take him.

Courtney whines at tribal council that her team is trying to use her as little as possible.  Leslie says the other team won because of heart, not physical strength.  How 'bout a little of both? 

Time to vote.  Aaron votes for Leslie.  Courtney votes for Jean Robert as does someone else.  The rest are secret.  With five votes, Leslie is eliminated and voted out of the game. 

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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