'Survivor: China' Betting Odds Released
Do you like to bet on silly things?  If so, BoDog.com has just released the betting odds for Survivor: China.  Now, I'm not saying Survivor is silly. It is anything but.  However, betting on someone to win Survivor before you've seen an episode is a total crap shoot.  You can't get more arbitrary.  Yet, some of the castaways have better odds than others.  At BoDog, you can also bet on other Survivor-related wagers, such as whether a girl or a guy will win, or whether Survivor 16 will be the series' final installment.  In case you are planning on putting down a wager, here are the current odds.

Aaron Reisberger  7/1
Amanda Kimmel 15/1
Ashley Massaro 7/1
Steve 'Chicken' Morris 15/1
Courtney Yates 13/1
Dave Cruser 12/1
Denise Martin 8/1
Erik Huffman 10/1
Michael 'Frosti' Zernow 12/1
Jaime Dugan 11/1
James Clement 9/1
Jean-Robert Bellande 18/1
Leslie Nease 13/1
Peih-Gee Law 10/1
Sherea Lloyd 12/1
Todd Todd Herzog 15/1

A couple of interesting things: Jean-Robert Bellande is tied for the worst odds out here.  Why? Bellande is a professional poker player, and a good one.  He makes his living as a strategist, as someone who reads people professionally.  You know, the kinds of things that make a great Survivor contestant.  How is he not one of the favorites?  Ashley Massaro is tied for the best odds, likely only because she is quasi-famous for being a WWE Diva and a Playboy cover girl.  Believe me, this is not an advantage.  I have a few other qualms, but they are speculative, as are these odds.  If you have some inside info or some unique insight, bet away.  Otherwise, your accountant advises you to stay the hell away. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: BoDog
(Image Courtesy of CBS)