'Survivor Caramoan' Fans vs. Favorites: An In Depth Look at the Fans
'Survivor Caramoan' Fans vs. Favorites: An In Depth Look at the Fans
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Having another season of Survivor Fans vs. Favorites is a great way to placate those of us fans who are still watching from the couch (and not volunteering to be on the show) by giving us some familiar faces to root for while at the same time creating some future favorites. While sometimes it's hard to formulate opinions on these people without seeing them interact with their tribe mates, sometimes the video interviews can help us to develop first impressions. Let's take a closer look at the newest faces of Survivor Caramoan.


Allie is a young bartender from New York City who thinks that there is something specific about being a bartender that gives her a leg up on her competition. She is definitely a cute blonde, but doesn't refer to using her "sex appeal" once in her interview which gives her bonus points. But the fact that she admits to only being on Survivor for the money is kind of a turn off.


Firefighter Eddie describes himself as a happy person who likes to make people laugh. He has a nice smile and seems good-hearted which may really help him in his social game and his athletic build will help him succeed in challenges. Overall his confidence is appealing.


Miss Missouri USA not surprisingly gave a very pageant-like interview. She's obviously beautiful and charismatic, which may help her into an alliance with other attractive young people, but other than that she's hard to get a read on.


Julia is a 21-year-old race car driver and Stanford student. Although she seems about the same age as most of the other members of her tribe, her competitive nature and "jock" mentality may be a threat to put her on the outs with them. She may be better off allying herself with one of the older/wiser members of the tribe.


What sets Laura apart from her tribe mates is her experience in politics will help her navigate the social game within her tribe. She also thinks her tribe will underestimate her sweet young girl persona, but unfortunately for her, all of the other women so far have said that about themselves as well.


Matt is a self-described softy with a bad-ass exterior. He rocks a beard with a bead in it and seems to have a good attitude about how hard the game is going to be, but how it's all just another positive life experience for him. I hate to say it, but so far the men are throttling the women in the "interesting character" department.


Michael goes along with what a lot of the women have said saying that he expects to be underestimated (apparently because he wears glasses?). He's been a fan of the show for a long time and claims to have a very good well-rounded strategy. We'll have to check back with him on Day 33 to see how that works out for him.


Reynold is very likable according to Reynold. He is also here to have fun and make friends. He also seems hesitant to make decisions that oppose his morals in real life which means he intends to play the game as honestly as he can. It's kind of refreshing that there is still one of these among the group.


Shamar feels like his military background has really prepared him for his Survivor experience, which is probably true when it comes to the basic survivor skills. Unfortunately for him, civilian tribe mates don't have the same kind of experience when it comes to discipline and rank, and sometimes that makes people like Shamar seem like kind of a villainous platoon leader


Sherri is an intense mom of three who has been really serious about her physical training to be on the show. She is not afraid of being underestimated because she is a threat on every level and she knows it. Though she seems like the most intriguing female on this tribe by far, she is a little rough around the edges and may ruffle some feathers of the young ones on her tribe.

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