'Survivor Caramoan' Fans vs. Favorites: An In Depth Look at the Favorites
'Survivor Caramoan' Fans vs. Favorites: An In Depth Look at the Favorites
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Survivor geeks get excited! Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites premieres Wednesday.When the cast of favorites was announced, I was happy to see that the producers cast some real favorites along with some of the more controversial characters of the past (which they ignored my advice against--how rude). Let's take a closer look at the favorites and examine how they might fare in their fresh starts.


Andrea's return is a puzzle to me because while I did vaguely remember her face, I also remembered that she got pretty far in the game by playing the whole "ride the coat tails" strategy on the same tribe as Boston Rob. I'm not sure what she will contribute to the game this time around and I definitely wouldn't consider one of my "favorite" players.


Although I was never a fan of Brandon's lack of intellect and pseudo-religious blather, I can totally understand why the producers brought him back. He is the opposite of his uncle Russell in all of the worst ways possible but just as controversial. And judging by this video, not much has changed since South Pacific.


Brenda is an interesting choice because there are a lot of Survivor fans who are polarized about her as a player. Some people thought she was too controlling and cold while others thought she was in control with some slip ups that cost her the game. She seems eager to learn from her previous mistakes and in doing that I think she can become a very powerful player.


I have to be honest with you Dear Readers: Survivor: Gabon is the one season I dropped out of. But having said that I can say that I am not a fan of her cast interview where she equates "being bitchy" to the same thing as "being powerful." Overall she sounds smart enough to last long in the game, and ruthless enough to add an interesting dynamic to the cast.


Of course Dawn is that likable "mom" on the tribe, but I really believe she has final three potential if she allies with the right people. It might be beneficial for her to seek out Malcolm, who allied himself with Denise last season that got her to the finals and eventually the win. I can see Dawn falling into a similar situation.



Oh Erik. Ye of giving up an immunity idol to vicious sirens only to be voted off. At least Erik seems to have done some growing up since then and most importantly, he's self-aware.


Francesca was voted off so early on Redemption Island that it didn't even occur to me that she would be returning as a Favorite. But I really like this pick! She was voted off way before we got the chance to see the best of her, but her intelligence and seemingly nice manner will hopefully get her far in the strategic and social aspects of the game. Relying on being the least threatening returning cast member will probably land in her favor as well.


There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love Cochran and people who hate Cochran. I happen to fall into the first category because I find his shtick entertaining, but I can see how he may rub some people the wrong way. Either way the people in his tribe this time have all seen him play before and now know not to underestimate his gall to make a big move.


Oh Malcolm. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. He has to be one of the most logical players to have played the game, using his knowledge of the show's history as a fan to build a solid base of his strategic game and avoid making mistakes that others have made in the past. He built sound alliances not based on basic things like age or attraction to the opposite sex, dominated individual challenges (except that last one!), and found and held onto a hidden immunity idol throughout the whole game. But enough about how great he was; this is a whole new season! While it would be wise for Dawn to pair up with Malcolm, it may not be so smart for him, seeing how last time that got him fourth place instead of to number one.


Yikes. Philip Sheppard. The former CIA agent. The lion and the gorilla. The magenta underwear. The only person on Earth who would consider him a favorite would be Boston Rob, who evenhandedly one $1 million by bringing Phil to the finals with him. He seems confident in his ability to win over both his tribe mates and his fans this time around, but I'm skeptical to say the least.

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