'Survivor: Cagayan' Finale Recap: Who Won Season 28?
'Survivor: Cagayan' Finale Recap: Who Won Season 28?
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's the final four! And we've got two Brains and two Brawn left. Spencer and Kass vs. Tony and Woo respectively. Who will win season 28? Let's find out.

Not So Special

After getting back from Tribal Council, Spencer asks Tony what we've all been thinking: why did he vote for Trish? He says that he thought he couldn't take Trish to the end because she would have beaten him. In his confessional he says that he feels sick over it, but he had to vote with the rest of the tribe.

At this point he's trying to convince everyone that he can still use his special idol at the next Tribal Council, even though that is an outright lie. Both Kass and Spencer are suspicious. I guess they weren't placed on the Brains tribe for nothing.

The next day, Kass is still smarting over how Trish talked to her. Although she's glad she's gone, Kass thinks that Tony made a paranoid decision getting rid of Trish. She thinks that Trish could have easily been hated by the jury. But at the end of the day, she's glad she's still here.

A boat approaches camp and Kass's husband gets off the boat with a picnic basket. It's a loved one visit! It's so nice that they let the final four visit with their loved ones without having a challenge that sends any of them home. That's always so heartbreaking. And they come bearing food!

Spencer's sister is there to visit him, who basically has the same exact face that he has but with long brown hair. Tony is disappointed to see his friend Arnold and not his wife, but she's at home with their four month-old baby. Woo's cousin Mike is here to visit him, and it gives him the energy to continue on with the game. He says if he wins the million dollars, he's going to propose to his girlfriend (after asking her parents' permission of course) and start his family. Aww, Woo!

Kass tells her husband how it's been hard out here for her because she's been so hated. She says that when she makes her case to the jury, she wants to tell them that she's the last woman standing because she played like a man. She says if she were a man she'd be called strategic, but since she's woman people call her a bitch. 

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First Immunity

The loved ones join the survivors on their first immunity challenge to cheer them on. The challenge is for the contestants to perch on top a tall post in the ocean and use a rope to lower a bucket and collect water then pour it into a chute. They have to fill the chute enough to make a key float to the top. Once they can reach the key they have to race back to shore and unlock puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle. First one done wins immunity and a place in the final three.

Tony and Spencer are off to a quick start on the challenge, followed closely by Woo. Kass, however, cannot get it together. She's barely gotten one bucket into the chute after Tony and Spencer finish. They both race to the beach to start on the puzzle. Woo is right behind them.

As we already know, Tony is not so great at puzzles. He's failing miserably while Spencer makes decent progress. Meanwhile, Kass gets her bucket tangled on her post and has to climb down to untie it. Her husband is very enthusiastic with his encouragement though.

The men are having no luck with the puzzle. Kass finally releases her key and jumps off her post and swims to shore. And before we know it, she's putting the puzzle together like she was the one who created it. She passes Spencer and wins immunity for yet another epic comeback.

First Loser Shuffle

Spencer is upset that he lost to "a brain dead weasel like Kass." Wow Spencer, sour grapes much? He knows he's toast and he's being quite the sore loser.

He pulls Tony aside when he gets back to camp. He tells him that he thinks it's going to be a final two this season since Jeff didn't tell them that the final three would have a chance to plead their cases in front of a jury like he usually says at the last immunity. He tells Tony that keeping him tonight would be his best move because if Kass and Woo will take each other to the final two which means he would have to win immunity. Tony tells him he'd consider it.

Woo and Kass plan on voting for Spencer tonight. Kass promises that she won't changer her mind no matter what antics Tony might try. Woo knows that Spencer is probably working Tony. He struggles to remember what happens if there's a tie at four. A re-vote? Does the jury decide? Do they have to draw rocks? Do they have to FIGHT for it?! He finally happens upon the right guess (they'd have to make fire) but let's hope he doesn't have to find out.

First Tribal Council

Jeff points out Spencer's look of despair after he lost that final challenge. He says it will really bite if he leaves the game two days early, coming short of his dream. He makes a promise to Tony in front of the jury telling him that if he keeps him around tonight, he will take him to the finals if he's in a position to do so.

Woo claims that he's played the game just as hard as everyone there except he may not have been as conspicuous. Kass says that it depends if it's a bitter jury or not, but she definitely feels like she has a better chance beating Woo than Tony. The little light bulb seems to go off in Tony's head as he seems to come to the realization that this makes him a target to go next.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Tony wants to tell everyone that his special idol can be used after the votes are read, but its usefulness has already expired at the last Tribal Council. He says if his name appears three times, he's going home, but he hopes that's not the case.

And it's not. Spencer's name is the one we see three times, and he's sent home.

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Final Three

Kass is happy that for once, things went according to plan at Tribal Council. She thinks now that she'll be in the final two no matter what. Kass tells Woo that he knows what needs to happen. One of them needs to win immunity. They both promise that they'll take the other to the finals if one of them wins immunity. Kass tells him not to be convinced by anything Tony might say. He says he'd have to be the most stupid player in Survivor history if he took Tony instead of her.

Last Immunity Challenge

For the last challenge, Kass, Woo and Tony have to race through a turnstile maze to collect four medallions from four different stations. Then they have to use the medallions to open a chest with puzzle pieces that are cogs to form a functional contraption that will raise a flag. First one done, wins immunity and a spot in the finals.

Kass actually gets off to a fast start with Woo and Tony basically trailing each other throughout the whole maze. They're all pretty even until the fourth medallion where Kass gets tripped up. Woo and Tony are the first back to their stations to start the puzzle, but we've all know Kass is formidable with a puzzle.

She finally finishes through the maze and starts her puzzle. Tony is going nowhere fast, but Woo is making progress. Kass and Woo race to finish the puzzle and Woo just beats her out. Jeff says Kass was about a half a second behind. Woo does a back flip to celebrate and Kass gets a little emotional with disappointment.

Last Loser Shuffle

Woo says he won a lot of championships in martial arts growing up, but winning the final immunity takes the cake. It doesn't last that long before he starts to feel nervous about who to take, though.

Tony pulls him aside and tells him that his destiny is in Woo's hands. He says that Woo has zero percent chance of winning against Kass. He tells Woo that he's played with honor and integrity until now and if he votes Tony off now, the jury will see that that's not quite true.

Kass tells Woo the simple facts: He can beat her easier than he'll be able to beat Tony. She says he's like Fabio from Survivor Nicaragua. She says that the jury will think that Tony has pulled him along this whole time. She wants Woo to do what's best for him, which is taking her.

Woo meditates on the beach. He says he'd like to think he's played this game with honor and somehow equates his honor with being loyal to Tony. It contradicts who he is to take Kass and not his friend. 

Second Tribal Council

Woo feels amazing, honored and nervous to be safe at Tribal Council. Jeff asks him if he thinks that Tony voted out Spencer last week out of loyalty to Woo or if it was merely strategic. Woo thinks that it was both. Tony says now it's time to tell if Woo was telling the truth when he promised they would go to the end together.

Kass is feeling sick about that immunity challenge. It's hard that she has no control over if she's going on to the finals or not. She wonders if Woo is loyal to Tony to the point where he could lose a million dollars. Jeff asks Woo what Kass and Tony's pitches to him were and he asks if they could just get to the vote.

Woo is the only one to vote and he makes the decision to stay loyal to Tony and vote off Kass. Ouch. I have a feeling that's going to come back to bite him in the butt.

Final Two

Woo and Tony embrace like reunited loves at camp. Woo keeps saying "one love," whatever that means. Tony thanks him and says that what he did for him tonight is more than Tony has ever done for him, which is pretty true. Tony may have been a good player throughout this game, but he was nothing if not selfish.

Woo said he wanted to know he was sitting next to a worthy competitor and that beating him would make victory all the more sweeter. He also says he hopes to win some jury votes by not making the easy decision to take the goat. He hopes that he can still win the money. He says if he wins he wants to open a taekwondo studio, help his dad retire and take care of his disabled mother. It's a sweet story, Woo, and it probably would have won you a ton of votes if you were sitting next to Kass.

Meet the Jury

In his opening statement, Tony says that he knows he has a lot of explaining to do. He wants to give them the truth and he welcomes their questions and promises completely honest answers. He also thanks Woo for giving him a shot to sit next to him tonight.

Woo says he came into the game knowing it was a game of lies. He tried to abide by rules of taekwondo that he teaches his student which include respect, loyalty, integrity, discipline, and harmony between the mind and body. He says he pulled inspiration from his disabled mother who had a heart attack and is a true survivor to get him through this game.

Jefra tells Tony she's not bitter, though she kind of seems it, and just asks Tony to own up to all of his moves that hurt the people on the jury. He says that he only voted her off after he found out she wanted to vote him off. She says if she wanted him out, she would have voted for him the week before when she could have switched. She wants him to admit that he's a villain, and Tony relents only to say he's "half villain, half good player."

L.J. isn't happy that Tony played him either. He says he never tried to vote him out, and he really didn't appreciated it. Tony says the only reason he did that was because he felt threatened by him.

Morgan commends Tony's ability to keep men in his back pocket without breasts, which is kind of hilarious. She also says she respects Woo for taking Tony as opposed to the goat Kass.

Speaking of Kass, she lets Woo know exactly how she feels about his decision. She says he should have cut off the head of the dragon while he had the chance. Woo says he was trying to be honorable no matter what, and in essence, tells Kass that she didn't deserve to be there next to him as much as Tony did. Maybe not such a great thing to say to someone whose vote you're trying to get, Woo.

Tasha wants to know how Tony kept his alliance together despite his constant blindsides. Tony says he explained every move he made to his alliance afterwords. Tony says he feels like Trish is the only person he broke his promise to, which he feels sick about, everything else was to get someone out before they got him out.

Both Sarah and Jeremiah are disgusted that Tony would go around swearing on everything (his badge, his wife, his baby) and then break his promises. Jeremiah doesn't even believe that he had a wife and baby, because no man would stoop so low as to swear on things like that.

But neither of them is as disgusted as Trish who really GOES AT Tony. She gets emotional when she tells Tony that he would not be sitting there right now if it weren't for her, because no one in their alliance trusted Tony, but they trusted her and she spent the whole game putting out his fires. She's especially peeved that Tony swore on his father's grave, because she's lost two siblings and those losses have put holes in her heart and she would never break a promise dishonoring her brothers. She asks Tony if it was worth a million dollars to sacrifice his father (dramatic much?). His answer is a simple "yes." 

Spencer is the last person to address the finalists. He tells Woo that he equates his strategy to a dog and Tony was the master. Woo did everything Tony told him to do, and when he had a chance to make his big move and take the biggest goat in Survivor history, he was loyal to his master and took him instead. Then he appeals to the jury about how well Tony played. He says that Woo excuses his passive play as being "honorable" and not finding idols, but the reason Tony played so many idols was because he hustled harder than anyone to find them. Spencer says Tony was behind every strategic decision in the game and played with a ferocity that this game rarely sees.

Before Jeff reads the votes at the reunion, we see that Spencer voted for Tony and Tasha voted for Woo. That one vote for Woo turned out to be the only one and Tony is the winner of Survivor Cagayan.

Jeff says that he thinks this is one of the best seasons because so many of the contestants really came to play. Do you agree? What do you think of the season? What about the winner? What did you think of the new format with live reunion clips intertwined with the final episode? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks for joining me in the Survivor discussion this season. See you for season 29!

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