'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: To Throw or Not to Throw
'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: To Throw or Not to Throw
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week, the Brains finally kicked their butts in gear and decided to join the competition. Now, after the Beauties have been to a Tribal Council, will the Brawn tribe actually consider throwing a challenge? Let's hope not for their sake, because everyone knows that leads to some bad Survivor juju.

After Tribal Council, Morgan is "emotionally paralyzed." She immediately starts on damage control by whispering into Alexis's ear that she's sorry for voting for her, and it was Jeremiah's master plan to get rid of L.J., but since he wanted to keep him around for challenges, Jeremiah said they should vote Alexis first. And Alexis eats it right up, saying now that it looks like Jeremiah's the one with the target on his back. Morgan is turning out to be way more than just a pretty face, she's conniving and sneaky, two qualities that make a great player in this game.

The Brains get tree mail back at their camp that suggests that they'll need to have a caller tell their tribe mates how to get around in the next challenge, so they try to recreate some of the challenge magic they had last week and get a little practice in.

Reward Challenge

Yay, reward challenges are back (no more of this Redemption Island nonsense)! A caller from each tribe has to guide two of their tethered and blindfolded teammates through an obstacle course to collect five items to return to the caller. Once they've collected each item, they have to put it on a platform and hoist it up for the caller to reach. After they've collected five items, they have to go out and retrieve their tribe flag for the caller. The first caller to raise the flag wins three hens and a rooster for their tribe. The second tribe to finish gets a dozen eggs.

The Beauties and the Brains are pretty much neck-and-neck from the start. Tasha is the caller for the Brains, Alexis for the Beauties, and Cliff for the Brawn. Poor L.J. keeps taking hits to his junk throughout the course and has to walk around at one point with his hands covering his crotch. When that doesn't work, he tries high-stepping like a kid in a marching band which may be one of the funniest things I've seen all season. I need that in GIF form ASAP.

The Beauties (and poor L.J.'s manhood) come in first for reward, and Brains look like they have the next spot firmly secure, but wait, there's still time to eff it up! And they do! Cliff leads the Brawn tribe to victory after J'Tia can't get her tribe's flag raised on the platform. Another day, another blown challenge for the Brains that is completely J'Tia's fault.


Everyone is happy that they have the chickens, even though most of them aren't really sure how chickens work. Anyway, they decide to slaughter one of the hens for dinner.

L.J. is embarrassed by the dummies on the tribe, saying that of course the egg came before the chicken because, "dinosaurs had eggs." Uh... I know they're not the Brains tribe, but damn.

Jeremiah finds a clue in the chicken feed and reads it aloud to the camp, but L.J. already has the idol, so he's not too worried about anyone else finding it.


Cliff and Lindsey are very tight and that makes Sarah nervous because Tony served her some lie about how they are out to get her. She tries to get Woo and Trisha on her side by telling them that Cliff doesn't need the prize money like they do.

What's worse is that she thinks they need to throw a challenge to get rid of Cliff. UHHH... I know they're not the Brains tribe either, but this is NEVER a good idea! Remember the tribe that threw the challenge to get rid of Russell Hantz in Survivor: Redemption Island? Yeah, they never won another challenge and they were slowly picked off one by one after the merge. To recap: Bad things happen to people who throw challenges.

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, the survivors have to dive down to various depths and release buoys. Once they release all five of their buoys, one person has to shoot them into a basket. Sounds simple enough.

The Beauties make it look simple, dominating from start to finish. Sarah and Trisha look like they're planning on throwing the challenge by taking a long time to try and reach the buoys, but their fake struggles can't compare with the Brains' real struggles. J'Tia can't swim (I'm sorry but it's season 28; don't sign up for Survivor if you can't swim) and neither Kass or Tash can reach any of the deeper buoys. So the whole challenge rests solely on Spencer who is the only one who can dive and release any buoys.

The Beauties finish way ahead of everyone for immunity and the Brains and the Brawn 'fight' for the next spot. Poor Spencer is gassed, but he keeps carrying the rest of his tribe on his back. It's time to shoot the buoys into the basket, and he can't even do that properly because the ladies in the water can't get the balls back quick enough for him to shoot.

Meanwhile, Cliff, who was the target of a possible thrown challenge, manages to sink enough baskets to get the Brawn the win. Sarah can't believe it; the Brains couldn't even pull it off to win against a tribe that wasn't even trying.

Loser Camp

Spencer thinks it isn't fair that he has to go to Tribal Council after being the only one who participated in today's challenge. And not only that, but he has to scramble because he's still technically not in the majority alliance. All he can do is tell Tash and Kass that he is an asset in challenges and J'Tia is obviously not. She's the opposite, in fact.

Kass and Tash feel like they have to keep Spencer around (plus they're still mad about the rice incident) but Tash starts to have some second thoughts after they talk to J'Tia. She says that they do need to consider her loyalty in case they merge.

Tribal Council

Jeff starts off TC by a long, shamed silence directed at the incompetence in front of him. The Brains haven't just been losing; they've been downright embarrassing.

Tasha points out that J'Tia hasn't just been weak in one challenge, but most of them. But they still need to decide if they want to go with someone who can help them win challenges or someone who is loyal. Spencer looks them in the face and promises to be loyal to them from here on out. Tash and Kass look at each other and try to have a conversation about who it should be tonight before Jeff calls them out. I can't believe they still didn't know at this point! J'Tia ladies! It has to be J'Tia! Even she knows she's been living on borrowed time since she dumped the rice.

They make the right decision and vote J'Tia out. But next, it's "drop your buffs" time!

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