'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: The Brains Find Their Zombies
'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: The Brains Find Their Zombies
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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After last week, the Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty experiment is no more! At least they're no longer separated into different tribes. Now they are two new tribes with a brand new mix and are already into blindsiding majority alliances.

After Tribal Council, Trish tries to talk to Lindsay. She says that moving forward, she will respect her and work with her as a teammate, but she doesn't like her. Lindsay tells Trish that she can't stand her laugh, her face, her teeth, and that she is an annoying, terrible, horrific person that she really can't stand. While both of them are angry, neither of them results to shouting and they both seem to keep a rational demeanor.

But despite their relatively civilized fight (by Survivor standards, at least), Lindsay disengages herself from the camp to go sit alone. Jeff Probst comes to chat with her. She tells Jeff that she could feel herself losing it with Trish, and that the last thing she needs right now is to be antagonized. Jeff asks her if she's taking herself from the game, and Lindsay says she is. She doesn't want to lose her temper and do something she regrets because it's not the person she would want her daughter to see when watching.

While it's always disappointing, and a little bit infuriating, to see someone quit the game, if Lindsay was really in a bad place mentally, it is probably for the best that she removed herself. We barely got to know Lindsay, but it did seem like she might have angry characteristics, and she obviously knows herself better than we do. Removing yourself because of mental health is just as valid as removing yourself because of physical health.

Back at camp, everyone is a little shocked by Lindsay's decision when Jeff relates it to them. Trish says she feels bad for pushing her, but in my opinion, Trish didn't cross any lines or hit below the belt. Woo is in the worst position now with no allies left, but if anyone can build new relationships from this situation, I'm confident that the genial Woo can.

Reward Challenge

At the challenge, Sarah can hardly contain herself when she sees that her (imagined) nemeses are gone. Alexis is also happy to see that the other Beauties survived.

The challenge is for a member of each tribe to square off against each other man-on-man. Each person will hold an idol on a platform and try to knock off the other person's idol to score a point. First tribe to five wins. The reward is that the winning tribe gets to raid the loser's camp for items that will improve their lives around camp.

Spencer and Woo square off in the first round, and after Woo exhibits his martial arts patience, Spencer knocks off his idol by being a little spazz. Trish swats at Tasha like a gnat to get her idol. Sarah comes at Jefra really aggressively and wins their round. Jeremiah loses to L.J. and then Tony beats Morgan. In a rematch of the first round, Woo gets back at Spencer to win a reward for Solana.

Solana elects Tony and Woo to go to Aparri for the raid. Jeff gives them a note to open and read once they get there.


Once they get to camp, Tony and Woo excuse themselves to read the note. Besides instructions on what they can take from the camp, there's a clue to where the hidden immunity is back at the Solana camp. Tony comes up with the brilliant idea to pull Jeremiah aside and pretend like they're giving him a hidden immunity idol clue to cause turmoil in their camp, and hopefully eventually get rid of Jeremiah.

In front of the rest of the Aparri tribe, Tony announces that they're giving Jeremiah the clue. Jeremiah reads it right away, and realizes that it's the same clue that they got back at the Beauty camp, and thus useless. But Tony takes the clue back with him after he reads it, so Jeremiah can't prove that he was given a faulty clue.

I've got to hand it to Tony; this was a brilliant Survivor move. As soon as they leave, both Tasha and Alexis are immediately suspicious of Jeremiah. As Alexis so wisely puts it, him getting the clue "stirred a lot of stuff up and got so many minds thinking."

Alexis approaches Spencer about getting rid of Jeremiah soon, but Spencer doesn't trust Alexis. He thinks she's phony and not trustworthy. Jeremiah also tries to talk to Spencer, telling him that he didn't get a real clue, but that story sounds just crazy enough to sound completely made up. Poor simple Jeremiah. Bamboozled yet again.


Any Survivor acumen that Tony might have garnered with that savvy little move back at Aparri he completely negates by going back to Solana and running his mouth about what a big, bad player he is. He brags about his strategy and not only is it unbecoming, but it's really stupid. Not only that, but he comes out to his new tribe as a police officer, not a construction worker.

His jaw flapping immediately raises Jefra and L.J.'s red flags. L.J. points out that to prove how honest and trustworthy he is, Tony just admitted to lying. He says that while right now he has to trust Tony, he's not for one second going to let his guard down around him.

Immunity Challenge

For this insane challenge, each tribe has to build a peg staircase to enter a bamboo maze. Once they're through the maze, they have to slide down a slide and then one member has to navigate a key through a rope course. Then they have to use the key to unlock a machete to cut down puzzle pieces. Two people have to collect the puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle that is a combination to a lock that will release their tribe flag and win immunity. Whew. Even the summary of the challenge is exhausting.

Aparri starts off with a sound lead as they're the first to finish the peg staircase. But Solana isn't far behind and makes up time going through the maze. Tony works the key through the rope course, but gets caught up trying to unlock the machete, while Jeremiah makes short work of the course and the lock to be the first to release the puzzle pieces.

Sarah and Spencer are working on the puzzle for Aparri and they have a bit of a headstart. But Tony uses that headstart to see what they're doing to tell L.J. and Woo which numbers they're looking for in their puzzle. Sarah and Spencer get caught up using the wrong pieces and Woo and L.J. manage to pass them up and finish their puzzle first.

They use the combination to release their flag and Solana wins immunity. Annoyingly enough, in their winning celebration, Tony screams "TOP FIVE BABY!" over and over. It irks the other tribe, especially Sarah, who still thought she was included in the alliance on the other side.

Loser Camp

They all agree how irritating it was for Tony to be screaming like a maniac about being in the "TOP FIVE," especially when technically they would still have the numbers if there was a merge tomorrow.

Alexis lobbies  Spencer and Sarah hard to get Jeremiah out. Sarah promises that she's here 100 percent for her new tribe and they all have her word that she won't flip.

Spencer thinks that Jeremiah may be a liability at the merge, but Alexis might be too considering her BFF Jefra is still in the game. But he's happy that at the moment the former Brains are in a position of power and they can decide what's the best move for them. Kass says that the brains just needed a body, and they've found their zombies to help them make their way.

Tribal Council

Sarah's torch is barely lit (it's her first Tribal Council) before Morgan throws Jeremiah under the bus. She says that she knows he can't be trusted because he's lied to her before about Brice. But she's an equal opportunity hater, and says that Alexis is just as likely to flip as Jeremiah is. Morgan is all about putting the spotlight on her two former Beauties right now, probably because she's a lot smarter than both of them combined.

Sarah talks about how her old alliance has moved on without her so now she's just as happy to move on without them which proves her loyalty. Alexis says that they need to think about who will keep their alliance going into a merge, and she clearly thinks Jeremiah would flip in an instant.

To no one's surprise, except hers, Aparri decides to get rid of Alexis. Not only was she shocked to see her name written down, she cried while her torch was being snuffed. And then as she walked out of TC. Then even more in her confessional! Not a cute look, Alexis. Even for such a beauty.

Next week is merge time, with five solid on each side and Sarah in the middle.

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