'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Spy Shack Baby
'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Spy Shack Baby
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week on Survivor, Tony cemented his alpha status by blindsiding his ally, L.J., before he got the chance to blindside him (even though it wasn't even on L.J.'s radar; I guess that's why it's a blindside). Let's see if his decision completely breaks up his old alliance and puts him in jeopardy, or if it puts him in a favorable position in with a new one.

After Tribal Council, Jefra and Trish want to know who voted for L.J. Tony and Woo immediately cop to flipping. Jefra is confused and now thinks that she's on the bottom of the alliance because she wasn't made aware of the flip. Spencer tries to get in her ear immediately, saying that no one's safe in their "airtight" alliance. But Trish understands why Tony didn't tell her and still trusts him.

Tony feels like he should be on his guard immediately so he builds Spy Shack 2.0 next to the water well where a lot of people go to talk strategy. It works because who should come strolling along right after but Trish and Jefra. He hears Jefra tell Trish that she doesn't trust Tony any more, but Trish tries to convince her that they're still five strong. It doesn't matter to Tony because now he knows that Jefra is insecure in the alliance and now the biggest threat to his game. 

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Reward Challenge

The survivors are split up into two teams and they have to paddle their boats into the water to collect more paddles. Once they've collected all their paddles, they have to unscramble the letters on them to solve a puzzle. The first team to win gets to go on a Survivor Barbecue. The orange team is Tony, Woo, Kass and Trish and the purple team is Jefra, Spencer, Jeremiah, and Tasha.

Purple starts off slow when Jefra can't get in the boat. But once they're off, they stay pretty even with orange. Tony loses ground for orange when he drops a paddle into the water and has to jump off the boat to go back for it. But they make up for it when purple overshoots their last target. The teams are even when they both get back to the beach to solve the puzzle.

Both teams start off slow and then try and copy off of each other's wrong answers. Purple solves the puzzle faster though and wins reward.

At camp, Tony is pretty upset because now Jefra has all this time to form a new alliance (which honestly would have happened win or loss). Kass is worried too, but she's confident in their core alliance. She understands that Tony was threatened by L.J. and that's why he had to vote him off. She does think that Spencer needs to be the next to go as long as he doesn't win immunity.

Trish doesn't want to talk strategy because she found a papaya tree. She recruits Woo to help her harvest the papaya. He climbs up the tree and knocks half a dozen down, but takes a long, hard fall on his way down and lands flat on his back. But don't worry! He's okay! He just bruised his bottom something fierce.

At the reward, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha and Spencer bond in a beautiful cave where they have their BBQ picnic. Jefra tells them that she's unsure where she stands in her alliance. Spencer is just about to ask her to work with them when their guide comes back with letters from home. Jefra gets emotional about her letter from her mom and she takes it as a sign that she needs to play harder. She shakes hands with the other three and they form a new alliance. Their next target: Tony.

Immunity Challenge

It's another endurance challenge this week for immunity. Everyone has to stand on a narrow beam and balance a ball on a hand-held platform. As the challenge continues, they have to walk down to narrower sections of the beam. If anyone falls or their ball falls, they are out of the running for immunity.

Jefra is the first one out. Followed by Tony. After 20 minutes of the challenge, just Woo, Spencer and Tasha are left. His ninja moves can't help Woo recover and he drops his ball. Then Spencer drops his and Tasha wins her second individual immunity. 

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Loser Shuffle

Tasha's plan for tonight's vote is to blindside Tony. He knows he's in trouble so he takes off into the jungle looking for an idol. He finds a tree with huge roots and starts digging like a mad man. He eventually finds the idol, and not only that, it's the idol with special powers which means he can play it after the votes are read and you can't share it with another tribe member. You gotta hand it to Tony, he is really playing this game harder than just about anyone I've ever seen. At least appreciate his hustle, people!

Jefra tells Trish that she doesn't feel comfortable in the alliance. Trish and Kass tell her that they have to keep Tony because he's easier to beat in the finals than Spencer or Tasha. Tony comes by and swears on everything that they can trust him. Jefra agrees to stay in her original alliance. It seems that anyone can talk Jefra into anything. Kass thinks that Spencer has an idol tonight, so they should probably vote for Jeremiah.

Jefra tells Jeremiah that she's sorry, but she won't be voting with them tonight. So her word means pretty much nothing, but at least she's a honest?

Knowing that one of them is gone tonight, Jeremiah decides to share a big revelation with the group; he's a fashion model. Gasp! So makes sense now! The game is completely different! Oh wait, this revelation means nothing at all in the world of Survivor (but there's this, so...).

Spencer actually has something relevant to reveal. He tells them that he has an immunity idol and he'll play it tonight if he needs to.

Tribal Council

Spencer tells Jeff that he knows the three of them are still on the outside. Jefra says that while she was bitter about L.J.'s blindside, something that Trish, Kass and Jefra made clear they knew nothing about, she's sticking with her original alliance because it's her safest bet.

Spencer points out how this is a bad move, because at least he has the wherewithal to know his place in the game, while Jefra is unaware that she's on the bottom of her alliance. He says that if Tony makes it to the finals and he's on the jury, he'll vote for him to win because he's the one steering the game. Tasha and Jeremiah agree.

Tony isn't worried about the vote because he says he has his famous "bag of tricks" with him. Spencer rolls his eyes and tells him he isn't worried about his bag of tricks.

After the vote, Spencer plays his idol, and in true Spencer fashion, he has to gloat saying, "You can steal as many clues as you want Woo, but I've got the real thing." Tony takes something out of his bag, as if to play an idol, but he holds onto it.

Unfortunately, Spencer wasted his idol. All of the votes went to Jeremiah. And Woo got the rest, so Tony had no need to play his idol either. He told everyone that what he was holding was a fake idol. I'm not sure if anyone's buying that. On the other hand, they've believed everything else he's told them so far. 

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