'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Shake It Up Baby
'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Shake It Up Baby
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Well last week the Brains finally made their first smart move of the game and voted off the woman who dumped their rice in the fire. But word on the street is that there's a tribe mix up comin' round these parts and that can only help the forlorn Brains.

Spencer couldn't be happier that he actually survived through the last vote, but Kass thinks that keeping him was the only way that gave them any sort of a chance to win. Tasha thinks that this is the best combination of people that their tribe has had since the beginning and they only had to vote out three other people to get to that point. The other two tribes only voted out one person combined. So good job Brains!

Reward Challenge

First things first: Jeff tells the tribes to drop their buffs. The new tribes are Aparri which includes Spencer, Kass, Tashas, Sarah, Alexis, Morgan and Jeremiah, and Solana  made up of Cliff, Tony, Woo, Lindsey, Trish, L.J. and Jefra. That means Sarah's the only Brawn on her new tribe that includes all of the Brains, and L.J. and Jefra are the only Beauties on a tribe that's made up of the rest of the Brawns. So those three might be at risk of being the outsiders in their tribes.

The reward challenge for coffee and donuts is brutal but simple. One tribe member will hang on to a pole while two opposite tribe members will try to remove them from the pole and drag them across the finish line. The first tribe to score two points wins.

In the first group, Sarah and Morgan try and get Lindsey off her pole while Trish and Jefra try and remove Tasha. Trish and Jefra barely nudge Tasha, but Sarah Morgan and Lindsey are in a massive brawl. Eventually they drag her kicking across the finish line.

Next L.J. and Trish barrel in and drag Alexis like a rag doll to the finish barely before Spencer and Jeremiah make contact with Cliff. Spencer and Jeremiah have another go at Cliff, but Lindsey (with a vendetta) and Tony manage to drag Sarah off of her pole first. So Solana wins the first new tribe reward challenge.


L.J. is glad to have won some food, but he knows immediately that he and Jefra are on the outs in their tribe. He does make a connection with Trish right away though because they are both from Boston. Also Trish is attracted to L.J. (can we blame her... or anyone?) and that grosses out Lindsey and Cliff.

Cliff was glad that their tribe stayed mostly together, he has no idea how narrowly he escaped getting voted off after a might-be thrown challenge last week. He and Woo commiserate about Trish and they agree they need to keep an eye on her relationship with L.J.

Trish finds time to bond with Jefra too. Trish tells her that she doesn't care for Lindsey, and it might be a possibility that she, Jefra, and L.J. can come together to vote her off.


Sarah is the one who feels like an outsider in this new tribe. The first thing she does at the new camp is try and feel out the idol situation, and by doing so she "outs" Morgan to Alexis and Jeremiah for lying about taking the idol clue instead of the rice. This tips Alexis off immediately telling her that she can't now or ever trust Morgan.

Alexis wastes no time in approaching the former Brains. Spencer thinks it's telling how desperate she is to jump ship from her former tribe mates. But she's not the only Beauty reaching out. Both Jeremiah and Morgan gossip about their old tribe mates to their new ones and seem eager to start anew.

Tasha thought that going into the new tribe the Brains would be at a disadvantage if Sarah joined up with the Beauties. However, now she's feeling like the Brains have gone from tragedy to triumph. Here's to hoping they got a new stash of rice too.

Immunity Challenge

Each tribe has to use a large log to smash through two walls. Then they have to maneuver the log through a table maze. The first tribe to make it through the maze and bang their gong wins.

Solana (the tribe made up of mostly Brawns) is the first through their wall. Aparri changes their strategy and puts the bigger guys, Jeremiah and Spencer, in the front of their battering ram. It helps, and the two tribes are neck-and-neck when they start the maze.

Tasha and Spencer manage the table maze and Aparri works well together. Tony and L.J. have a good grove going on the puzzle too, but Aparri squeaks out the win right before they can finish. Finally the poor beat-down Brains don't have to go to Tribal Council. And the Brawns (minus Sarah) will have to go to their first Tribal of the season.

Loser Camp

L.J. makes his case to Cliff, Lindsey, and Woo, telling them that he would be an asset in challenges until the merge. Woo and Cliff still think it's in the tribe's best interest to get rid of L.J. to keep their numbers strong but Lindsey is worried that Trish is going to flip.

Lindsey is worried for good reason because Trish straight-up promises L.J. that it's not going to be him tonight because she and Tony are voting for Cliff. She's actually cracking herself up thinking of her evil plan. She's just happy to be playing with someone she likes, like L.J., instead of Cliff, who she says hasn't spoken one word to her in 13 days. Sometimes it helps to be nice to people in this game. It is a massively social game after all.

Tony is having some second thoughts about going against the Brawn alliance. He doesn't know if he can trust L.J. and Trish enough to switch. When Cliff asks him if Trish is still strong with their alliance, Tony doesn't tell him that his name is being thrown around, but that Trish is being wishy-washy. I'm not sure why Cliff doesn't just plot to get Trish off at this point.

Tribal Council

L.J. tells Jeff that the mix-up has been intimidating and uncomfortable for him and Jefra. Cliff stresses the importance of keeping their numbers moving forward, but he's worried that there's someone who is always not too happy with the status quo. Woo seconds that, saying that it's important not to let emotions get the best of you in this game, and keep it about the numbers.

Trish says that this is going to be a test of who they can all trust moving forward. Tony says he thinks the game will shift tonight and Lindsey all but confirms that it's going to be L.J. tonight and then Jefra moving forward.

Except that's not exactly the case. L.J. doesn't play his idol, but the tribe blindsides Cliff, and by association, Lindsey and Woo too. And judging the previews for next week, Lindsey is not going to take Trish's "betrayal" very well, even though the signs were pretty much all there. Is there anything worse than a bitter survivor after a blindside.

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