'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Get Your Merge On
'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Get Your Merge On
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's only been two episodes (but three exits) since the Beauty, Brains, and Brawn tribes were dissolved into two separate tribes, and tonight, those two become one. It's merge time folks!


Before the merge, Aparri comes back from Tribal Council feeling very confident after getting rid of Alexis. Spencer jokingly chants, "Top six! Top six!" to mock Tony's chant from last week. They all seem confident that if there's a merge tomorrow, they'll have the numbers and they'll stick together.

Kass is happy to be in this position, but she has a realistic outlook  on the situation. She's still worried about the possibility of Sarah or Jeremiah flipping. When she brings it up to Sarah, Sarah gets offended at the mere notion that she might be the one to stray. In her confessional, she says that suspicion like Kass has is what's going to push her to flip. In Kass's confessional, she says that Sarah hasn't earned her loyalty by voting with them once. It's going to take the blood of a former tribe mate on her hands to gain her trust. Kass and Sarah are so both so bad ass in their own alpha female roles, let's just hope they keep working together.


It's day 17 and Tony is having the time of his life with his new tribe. He loves his tribe mates, but he's a little bored you see because there's no scheming or scrambling.

They get the tree mail that tells them they'll be moving to Aparri. So Tony and L.J. dig up their respective hidden immunity idols and get on the boat with the picnic basket feast and head to the other beach.


Sarah is nervous as her old tribe mates pull up to their beach. Jefra is sad to see her friend Alexis is gone because she was counting on talking her over to their side after a merge, which is exactly why she was voted off. The merged tribes get black buffs and call themselves Solarrion. They also get a message that hidden immunity idols are still in play, and now there's an additional one hidden near camp that has "special powers." Ouuu. Does it have a cape and a sidekick too (but seriously what are these special powers?) I need to know like right now.

Tony thinks that he has Sarah on their side, but he does know that there's a risk that she'll vote with the old Aparri. She tells him that right now she's floating between the two sides, so he tells her all about the old Solana alliance, maybe too much considering she just said she was a floater. He gets really pushy and tries to make her swear on her badge that she'll vote with him. To her credit, Sarah tells him honestly that she's not sure what decision she's going to make, so she's not willing to do that.

Sarah admits that she likes being in this position of power. Things with her former Aparri members aren't going so well though. She and Kass butt heads about who should be the first former Solana they should vote out. Sarah thinks that L.J. or Woo should go first, not Trish like they agreed back on their beach. She tells Kass that she will not vote with them if they vote for Trish. Kass thinks that says a lot about Sarah not being completely committed to the alliance, but only committed to herself. She also doesn't like that Sarah has so much power and her attitude that comes along with it.

The next day, Trish can sense the tension between Kass and Sarah. Sarah tells Tasha that she's sick of people trying to bully her into voting with them. Tasha tries to mediate between Kass and Sarah, but Kass thinks that she's taking Sarah's side and sucking up to her because she's in the swing position.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff starts off by taking back tribal immunity. Now it's an individual game, baby! And for this challenge, the survivors have to balance on a floating platform in the water with their feet perched on narrow footholds. Every 15 minutes they have to move up, making it more difficult. The last person standing wins immunity.

Everyone's still in the challenge after the first 15 minutes. They move up and another 15 minutes pass without everyone falling. When they have to move to the top of the platform is when people start dropping like flies starting with Spencer. One after the other, they all fall down until it's just Tony, Morgan and Woo. Morgan holds on for a few more seconds then bails. Tony and Woo fight it out, but Woo's martial arts training gives him an advantage over Tony and he holds on the longest. Woo is the first winner of individual immunity.

Loser Shuffle

Sarah thinks she has a better chance going up against the old Aparri because she thinks she's physically stronger than them. She's sitting pretty now, calling herself "the president."

The old Aparri have a meeting in the water, bold as brass, right in front of the old Solana. Spencer wants to vote for Jefra because there's no way that she has an idol, and there's no way anyone else will play one for her. Sarah talks him and the rest of them out of doing that though because she thinks it needs to be a strong man going home. So they all 'agree' on Tony. Except Kass isn't happy because she thinks he may have an idol and she doesn't think Sarah should be the one calling the shots.

Meanwhile, the old Solana watches indignantly as the old Aparri decides their fate right in front of them. Trish tells Tony that he should give up on trying to flip Sarah, and she'll try to appeal to Kass because she thinks there's a real crack there.

Tony tries to talk to Sarah anyway about keeping her original alliance with him, Trish and Sarah. In a noble effort not to lie, Sarah says she won't be deciding until she gets to Tribal Council. But she probably should have just told Tony what he wanted to hear. Her non-answer was all of the answer he needed.

Trish gets in Kass's ear at camp. She asks her who she would vote for if she could decide who went home tonight. Kass said Sarah. Trish tells her to vote for Sarah, and the rest of the old Solana would vote for Sarah too. Trish immediately rallies Tony and L.J. to vote for Sarah and they all agree to it. Trish goes back to Kass to tell her it's a done deal. Kass revels in having usurped Sarah's "president" status. She's still deciding whether or not she'll flip, but she says that Chaos Kass might make another appearance at Tribal Council again.

Tribal Council

L.J. says he feels like he is in the hot seat right now because he knows he could be considered a threat in challenges. Tony feels like he's in the same position, especially coming from an alliance of lower numbers.

Without wasting much more time, Tony announces that he has an immunity idol. He takes it out and puts it around his neck after Spencer dares him to. Tony says that it's a tribe idol and he's going to use it for whoever he thinks might be in trouble tonight.

The old Solana is shocked. They mumble among themselves to vote for "the other one."

Seeing that a impromptu audible is happening before his eyes, Jeff just calls for them to vote. Before he reads the votes, Tony plays his idol for L.J., the person he assumes to be "the other one." And at the very last second, L.J. pulls his idol out to play for Tony, just in case he gets any votes. Oh how I love two idols being played in one Tribal!

However, both of them were played for naught (well unless you count dramatic effect). Neither L.J. or Tony get any votes because "the other one" Aparri was referring to was Jefra. That doesn't even matter though, because Kass ended up switching to vote off Sarah.

The old Aparri is shocked. Spencer and Tasha's mouths actually hit the ground. Spencer tells Kass that she just lost them the game, to which she responds, "There's still a long way to go." BOOM. Chaos Kass wins the day.

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