'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Bidding For an Advantage
'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: Bidding For an Advantage
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week, Tony found the all powerful hidden immunity idol, Spencer wasted his on a Tribal Council where he didn't receive any votes, and Calvin Klein model Jeremiah was sent home. Now we'll see if Tony will use his new powers for good or evil. Knowing him, I'm guessing it won't be good.

Jefra explains her decision to stick with her original alliance. When it came down to it, she thinks she has a better chance at beating Tony than Spencer or Tasha. Which means Jefra is still convinced that she isn't at the very bottom of her alliance. How cute.

Kass tells Spencer she knew he had an idol because he was being nicer to her than usual and she knows how he acts when he's getting voted out. She says in her confessional that she knew he wouldn't play it for someone else because he's the most selfish creature to walk the planet: a 21 year-old male.

The next day, Woo hides Survivor Auction wallets in his pants. That sounded creepy, but he played it like a prank on Trish and it was actually funny, not creepy. Both Tony and Spencer know how important it is to save their money to bid on an advantage. 

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Reward Challenge

Each of the survivors have $500 to bid on items in the Survivor Auction. They have to bid $20 at a time and the auction will end without notice.

Trish pays $80 for some popcorn, candy and a pop. Jefra bids $100 for a covered item which turns out to be quesadillas and guacamole with a margarita. Kass buys a covered platter for $20 and it turns out to be a steak sandwich and iced tea. Then Woo pays $40 for a plate of ribs and a beer, which he sensually eats in front of Jeff Probst.

Tony and Spencer are frustrated that everything costs so little and they're so hungry, but they're both waiting for the advantage. Jeff finally tells them that they can bid on it, but if more than one person wants to bid $500, then they have to pay that $500 to draw rocks to see who gets the advantage. At this point, Tasha hasn't spent any money yet either, but she opts not to buy into the rock drawing hoping that there would be at least one more item up to bid for. So Tony and Spencer draw rocks, and Tony gets the advantage. Jeff ends the auction, so Tasha and Spencer walk away empty handed.

Back at camp, Kass was amused to see Spencer's dejected face once again. I have to say, their old brains rivalry is awfully amusing. Tony is irritated that all of the members of his alliance ate and he didn't. He goes off by himself to read his advantage, which is a clue to another idol.

Tasha is talking to the girls. She says she'd love to get closer to them and convince them to vote out Tony. She thinks that Tony's just a canon waiting to be lit.

Meanwhile, Spencer works Tony at the shelter. He tells him that Jefra gave her word to them that she was going to vote for Tony. He wants to make Tony paranoid because he knows that although he plays hard, he doesn't necessarily play well. Tony takes what Spencer has to say into consideration. He says he can't trust him all the way, but the paranoia seed has been planted. Tony starts to keep an extra eye on the girls while they sun bathe.

Kass is looking forward to a non-adversarial day, because they'll vote out either Tasha or Spencer, depending on who doesn't win immunity. Complacency is usually punished in this game though.

Tony decides to spend some more time looking for the hidden idol. And he finds it in the roots of the rocket-shaped tree. It's his third idol he's found in this game, and the second one he currently has on his person. Tony pretty much isn't going to get voted out. This time, he shows his whole alliance the idol. He says he wants people to know he has it so they trust him, but he also wants to make sure no one targets him anytime soon.

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Immunity Challenge

The survivors have to race to dig up five bags of sand connected to a rope. Then they have to untie the bags to get five balls to maneuver through a table maze.

Woo and Tony are the first to finish the sand race, followed shortly by Tash and Spencer. But Tasha unties the bags the fastest and she gets to her table maze first. Back at the start, Trisha can't even find her first sand bag.

Tony gets to his table maze, but he is a brute and doesn't have enough finesse in his pinky finger to work the table. Woo comes close to beating Tasha, but she's too far ahead. She wins her third immunity in a row! Do not sleep on Tasha, folks!

Loser Shuffle

Tony's original alliance agrees that they have to vote out Spencer tonight since Tasha won immunity. But the all-girl alliance seed that Spencer planted in Tony earlier is not only growing, but flourishing. It seems to happen every season where some alpha male gets worried about all the ladies getting together to plot his demise, and it seldom happens. Anyway, he tells Woo about the "all girl" alliance and how if they vote out Spencer tonight, then they'll be outnumbered and the girls will pick them off. Woo tells Tony he's in.

Tony acts as though he's Spencer's lord and savior when he tells him to vote Jefra tonight. He says he's going to need him and Tasha on his side now going forward though, because this vote is most certainly going to alienate Kass and Trish. Spencer relays the message to Tasha, who of course is in favor of anything that could possibly extend her stay.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks if there are any cracks in the majority alliance, and almost before he can finish his question, Tony says that he's worried that Jefra is going to flip so he puts his immunity necklace on. Jefra says she's not going to lie about being upset that L.J. was voted out, but she says she's still loyal to her alliance. Kass and Trish come to her defense, saying that she was just upset for not being included in the vote.

Spencer makes his case saying if you pick him off and then pick Tasha off and then finish fifth place, you made a mistake by not making a move when you had the chance. He says that the biggest mistake people make in this game is not making moves when they should because they get too comfortable.

After that big show of putting on his idol, of course Tony doesn't play it. Spencer gets a few votes, but the rest go to Jefra. Trish and Kass are almost as shocked as Jefra when she gets blindsided.

It doesn't seem like Spencer and Tasha are so clearly on the bottom anymore. But one thing is for sure: Tony is on top. 

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