'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: The Butterfly Effect
'Survivor: Cagayan' Recap: The Butterfly Effect
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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So what do you think of the Beauty vs. Brains vs. Brawn twist this season? I think it's an interesting experiment, but I hope the Brains can get it together to make things a bit more even among the three tribes. Let's see if they can win a challenge tonight and stay in the game.


Back at camp, Spencer pouts not only about being the odd man out, but about J'Tia staying in the game after pouring all of their food into the fire. Tasha tells Spencer that if Garrett hadn't held an "open forum" about the vote, she probably would have voted for J'Tia. And Kass is glad with her decision to vote for Garrett because now she thinks she has J'Tia and Tasha's loyalty.

Tasha is still irritated with J'Tia about dumping the rice, especially since she has the gall to complain that she's not eating enough.

After the storm lets down a bit, they get tree mail telling them that part of their challenge will require throwing water into a bucket. Tasha thinks that they should take advantage of the hint and practice throwing water. Her tribe puts up a bit of a fight, but she convinces Spencer to practice by basically telling him that he's going home if they don't win. So they get in a few practice rounds which might be the first good move the Brains have made in this game.


He may have found the hidden immunity idol last week, but Tony still feels like an outsider on his tribe. He decides to bring Sarah into his spy shack to admit that yes, he is a cop, and that her instincts from day one were correct. Sarah knew she was right about him all along and is happy to be in an alliance with a cop because she thinks Tony's blue blood will make him loyal.

Tony feeds Sarah some lies about how Cliff and Lindsey are plotting to get rid of Sarah because she's the "smart one." Sarah eats it up and wants their "Cops 'R Us" alliance to take one of them out next.

The rain really starts coming down and everyone is miserable. Trish tries to keep the fire alive and Tony describes being constantly wet as what hell must be like.


Jefra says the storms make her feel like she's living in a Survivor nightmare; none of them have been dry for over 24 hours.

L.J. does not appreciate the fact that none of the girls help out with the shelter, that it's pretty much him and Jeremiah doing all of the work to repair the shelter. He just resolves to keep his mouth shut so as to not stir up any controversy.

Then L.J. decides to have a peak around the rocks where they spotted Morgan on day one to look for the hidden immunity idol. He walks around for a bit and then he basically stumbles upon it. He's relieved to find it in the sense of the game, but he also feels like his hard work around camp has really paid off.

Immunity Challenge

The challengeis that one tribe member has to scoop water from the ocean into a bucket. That person has to toss the bucket to a second member, who has to throw the water into a third bucket. The third person empties what water is left from the third bucket into a fourth bucket that will release a ball once filled. Then they have to use the ball to complete a maze puzzle to win immunity. The first two to finish will also get a tarp (first place gets pillows and blankets too) which almost seems essential given the weather they're experiencing already.

Despite their practice round, the Brains get off to a slow start, barely getting any water in their final bucket the first few rounds. The Beauties are the first to release their ball and L.J. and Jeremiah start in on the puzzle. Cliff and Woo start working on the puzzle for the Brawn tribe soon after while the Brains still struggle. Brawn pulls ahead of the Beauties and are the first to finish.

The Brains finally finish the bucket part of the challenge and Spencer and Kass go onto the puzzle, where they finally prove why they're on the Brains tribe. They make short work of it to make a comeback against the Beauties. So the Brains finally win a challenge and they get a tarp too!

Back at the Brawn camp, Tony finds another hidden immunity clue, though he didn't need it since he has the idol. He wanted to make sure that no one else found the clue.

Loser Camp

L.J. apologizes to the tribe for losing the challenge. He tells Alexis and Jeremiah that it should be Brice tonight. But Brice thinks it should be one of the girls who gets voted out instead of him. And Morgan and Brice are convinced that they have Jeremiah on their side and they're going to vote Alexis.

Morgan approaches Jephra about voting for Alexis, but that's like, her BFF so she doesn't want to vote for her. She suggests voting for L.J. instead, but Morgan says they need him for challenges.

Jephra is rightfully distraught about having to vote for her bestie, so she asks Jeremiah to stick to his original alliance and vote for Brice tonight, which he totally agrees to do. However,  he admits in his confessional that he's feeling torn between the two alliances at this point and isn't sure what he's going to do at this point. He's just a "good old boy" who doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but that's what is going to end up happening tonight.

Alexis and Jephra come up with a complicated plan to split the votes in case Morgan or Brice have an idol. So the guys on their alliance (including Jeremiah) are going to vote for Brice and the girls are going to vote for Morgan. At least L.J. is still keeping the idol find to himself, which is probably the smartest move he can make.

Tribal Council

Morgan says she likes being on the "pretty" tribe. Brice says that their outer beauty comes from the "butterfly effect" of inner beauty in which they are all caterpillars that became beautiful butterflies. Sure Brice, but I'm not sure "the butterfly effect" means what you think it means.

Jephra says the first few days on the island were like a big party and they didn't really start talking about strategy today. Brice throws Alexis under the bus for not being a strategic player and also not pulling her weight around camp. He also says that it's the "talk of the town" that Morgan might have a hidden immunity idol, which he may be doing to intimidate the other alliance.

After the vote, it's a tie between Alexis, Morgan and Brice. Let's just hope the majority alliance discussed who they would vote in case of a tie.

The re-vote sends Brice packing. Jeremiah had to go with the majority alliance; why would he go with two people when he could go with four?

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