'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Daughters Be Good to Your Mothers
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Daughters Be Good to Your Mothers
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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When the survivors get back to camp, everyone apologizes to Katie for voting her mom out. She points to her dead-ass expression and body language signifying her defeat, like it's any different than what it's been all game. She's a no-face no-game, and the sooner her tribe votes off her dead weight, the better. And it looks like they will, considering the rest of her alliance is already gone.

Ciera and her mom Laura are the only two loved ones left in the game who aren't hanging out on Redemption Island. They're both surprised at the role reversal between the two of them with Ciera taking the lead. She tells Laura that she needs to keep the target off their backs, she has to lay low as far as her social game is concerned.

While Ciera is enjoying playing the game with her mother, she admits that if it comes down to it she would surely vote Laura out. She thinks she's proven herself to be the stronger player and thinks she has a better chance of winning either way.

Redemption Island

The survivors have to swing a grappling hook and retrieve three bags before they can start on a table-top puzzle where they have to maneuver a ball through a maze without letting the ball drop through any of the holes. The first two to finish stay in the game and third place will become the first member of the jury. Not only that, but first place also gets to give a remaining player a hidden immunity idol clue.

Tina starts off with a fast start over the brothers. She handles that grapple like she's been doing it her whole life and quickly makes her way to the puzzle where she has a huge head start.

Aras and Vytas are pretty much even going into the puzzle, with Vytas just a bit behind. At this point, Tina is almost done with her puzzle but she drops the ball through the last hole before the finish and has to start over again.

Vytas finishes first but Aras either can't figure out the puzzle or he lacks the dexterity. Tina comes from behind and finishes before him, eliminating the only other winner in the game.

Aras and Vytas are sad to part at this point, but they both feel like the experience has brought them closer together as brothers. Vytas says he hopes their relationship can continue to grow but he promises no more cheap shots like back in the first challenge.

Vytas decides to give Katie the clue and she is overcome with joy. You can tell by her deadpan face and voice. That and the fact that she doesn't throw her clue in the fire.


As soon as they get back to camp, Katie starts to search for the idol. She probably wouldn't find it even if Tyson didn't have it because she's not the brightest buff on the island. But Laura wants to hide all of the sharp objects so she has nothing to dig with just in case. She even follows her when she tries to find it the next day at daybreak. But of course neither of them have any luck.

Ciera wants to have "the talk" with her mom, and of course by "the talk" I mean the "I-may-have-to-vote-you-out talk." Ciera tells her that she definitely has a better shot at winning the game, and that she wants her mom to understand what that means for her. While Laura isn't too thrilled to hear she's on the chopping block, she's happy her daughter was brave enough to stand up for herself and really play the game. Laura has an emotional moment, saying that she wanted this game to teach her daughter how strong she really was, and that she's proud to have seen it.

Immunity Challenge

It's another endurance immunity challenge where the survivors have to stand on a slanted platform over the water using only a rope to hang on. After every few minutes they have to move their hands down the rope thus supporting more of their body weight with each shift. The winner also wins a reward: hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and pop.

The guys are dropping out quickly with Hayden and Caleb out first. But more importantly, the person who might have needed it the most, Katie, drops out pretty soon too. It's Tyson, Monica and Laura holding on last. But Laura drops followed by Tyson, giving Monica her second individual immunity challenge win in the game.

Instead of choosing one person to share the reward with though, Monica suggests to Jeff that she let all of the other players eat while she sits out. She says immunity is worth more to her than snacks. Everyone is very grateful and Caleb says that since she's a mom, he thinks this is more a move from her heart than it is political. That doesn't mean it won't score her brownie points in the future.

Loser Shuffle

Tyson's plan is to vote out Laura next, but Ciera wants to try and see if she can buy her mom some time. She approaches Katie and asks her if she has the hidden idol, and Katie says she does. Ciera calls her bluff, saying that she knows that Katie doesn't have it because she found it. Katie's all like, "nuh-uh you have it?" and in doing so completely gives away the fact that she doesn't have it. Good one, Katie. Your mom never would have fallen for that.

So Ciera approaches the guys in her alliance, telling them that Katie 100 percent does not have the idol, so she wants to vote for her tonight while they can. Hayden and Caleb are considering it. Caleb thinks that Katie could be a threat to win if she manages to float her way to the finals. And Hayden thinks the easier move to vote Katie is the safer move.

But Tyson wants to stick with the plan. He's worried he may have underestimated Ciera who he recognizes as being someone who's actually here to play the game. Unlike stone face Katie.

Tribal Council

Jeff is nice enough to point out that Katie is basically the next one to go if the pattern of the last few weeks continues. But Tyson says it's not that simple because there is still a pair of loved ones left in the game. Caleb says the bond that Laura and Ciera share is much stronger than the bond any of them on the tribe share, and that can be dangerous.

Laura tries to make the case for keeping both of them around, saying that they're basically two votes to help anyone in their alliance instead of just one. Unfortunately her plea sounds a bit desperate and pandering.

So the tribe decides to vote Laura out for the second time in this game. Even Ciera wrote her mom's name down (and "mom" with a sad face). They share another emotional moment before Laura is sent to RI, and I have to admit. I may have gotten a bit teary. I'm only human!

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