'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: It's a Man's World
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: It's a Man's World
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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On this week's episode of Survivor, Blood vs. Water, Kat is still reeling from being voted out last week. She's worried that her relatively new boyfriend Hayden will think less of her for being voted off. She's ashamed of herself and wanted to continue the game as a team, but alas, she is not able to ride coattails like she did the first time she played.

Redemption Island

Kat breaks down as soon as they arrive to the arena. She wants Hayden to switch spots with her at the challenge. They both get emotional, and Hayden tells her to think about their long-term future and who has a better chance at wining the game. And Kat has to admit that it's Hayden and agrees to compete in the challenge.

The challenge is for John, Laura M. and Kat to chop a rope to release a bag of puzzle pieces and then complete a fire puzzle.

Surprisingly enough, considering that Laura M.'s notoriously good at puzzles, John takes a fast lead. He finishes first and then Laura M. copies his puzzle to gain a lead on Kat. Poor Kat, who mentioned earlier that she's bad at puzzles (she can't even spell, for crying out loud), can't figure out which piece goes where, even with help from the Tadhana tribe members. So Laura M. finishes before her and stays in the game, and Kat is forced to give her BF a teary goodbye.

And guess what? Another freaking hidden immunity idol clue goes into the fire after John give the clue to Monica. Apparently, no one in this game likes the idea of having immunity! Or winning a million dollars! Or being good at playing Survivor!


Hayden is feeling a bit guilty after letting Kat get eliminated for good from the game. He says that he was in the position to help her and he turned it down, and there's no way he can feel good about himself after that. I haven't seen Big Brother, so fans can maybe attest better to his character, but right now Hayden actually seems like a pretty decent (and pretty pretty) dude. But he made the right decision and does have a better shot at winning the game than his well-meaning, but naive, girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Aras is practicing yoga on a mountaintop and basking in his own glory and how well he's doing in this game. But as he meditates, Tyson is formulating a plan to get rid of him the first chance they get. He forms a new alliance of five with Gervase, Ciera, Caleb and Hayden to get rid of Aras and then stay strong together at the merge.


Vytas continues to play the women on Galang like cheap fiddles. He says the only thing that women like more than a bad boy is a rehabilitated bad boy.

Laura B. is already getting emotional just at the thought of voting Vytas off. She feels like he's a calming presence on her tribe and that she can be herself more now that he's there.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge this week includes a fried chicken picnic along with immunity. The two tribes have to chain four members together and have them go through an obstacle course to untie bags with balls inside them. Once they're done with the course, one member of each tribe will attach chains to balls and throw them at a ladder like the popular lawn game of ladder ball. The first tribe that lands three of their balls onto the ladder wins immunity and fried chicken.

The two tribes are pretty even going through the obstacle course. They each try to trip the other tribe up when they're untying their bags in the middle of the course. At one point, Aras literally has to jam his body through Monica's legs.

Tyson and Tina battle each other to attach the chains to the balls. When they start tossing, they are pretty evenly matched as well and they both land two balls on the ladder easily. But Tyson manages to land his ball first and Tadhana wins immunity again.

Loser Camp

At the very moment Galang arrives back at camp, Laura B. makes a big announcement to her tribe: she says that Vytas is the one going home tonight. She tells him that she respects him too much to let him get blindsided. She even cries about it.

The rest of her alliance is flabbergasted that Laura would make that kind of executive decision to just tell Vytas. And unfortunately for Laura, she's just made herself a huge target, especially considering how much everyone else likes Vytas and are almost looking for reasons to not vote him off.

At first, Vytas is terrified he's going home. But as soon as he talks to Tina, she tells him that they're thinking about voting for Laura B. because of how unpredictable she is. But she's also aware that Vytas is playing the game as hard as he can. And I have to admit, I'm really digging the way Tina is playing this time around. She's proving that she's good at the challenges and she really has her head in the social game. I might have underestimated her at the beginning of this.

Tribal Council

Laura tells host Jeff Probst right off the bat that she told Vytas that he was the one going home tonight. Jeff points out how that's a risky move, and Monica and Katie (she speaks!) both agree.

Vytas makes a case for himself, telling the women that it shouldn't matter how many women they have in their alliance, but it matters how many trustworthy people they have in their alliance, and he's one of the latter.

Laura B. counters Vytas' argument, saying that Vytas is a big threat in the game, especially when you consider that he can hook up with his brother at the merge. It's true; if the women of Galang were smart, they'd get rid of Vytas while they still can.

But apparently, they aren't too smart. Because they vote off Laura B., who is the least threatening person among them. We'll see how it works out for the "woman alliance" after the merge happens next week -- and someone will get to re-enter the game. And a hidden immunity idol will be played! I'm just kidding about that last one because no one has even looked for the hidden immunity idol.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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