'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Manipulation Station
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Manipulation Station
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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The Galang tribe is already feeling the fall-out from blindsiding Laura M. Aras says that she gave him the death stare as she left to get her torch snuffed and he's sure that she's going to use the Redemption Island challenge as an airing of the grievances.

Aras is also worried now that people on the other tribe would think he was the leader of Galang, which is a role he is not comfortable with because of the large target it would place on his back. And he has a right to be concerned. Tyson and Gervase are already making plans to get rid of him before the merge so he doesn't have a chance too ally himself with his brother Vytas.

Redemption Island

Everybody always gets so emotional when they see their loved one has been voted off. I mean, it's not like they died or anything. Ciera is no different. She even claims that she sensed something was wrong with her mother that whole day. At least Laura M. immediately shuts down any possibility of Ciera taking her place for the RI challenge, which is probably the best choice considering the fact that Ciera is pretty much useless in any kind of challenge.

Brad, John and Laura M. have to race across a balance beam to collect a series of bags that have number tiles in them. After each bag they have to chronologically arrange the number tiles on their board. The first two people to order their tiles to 100 get to stay in the game, and the first person to finish gets to give a clue for the hidden immunity idol to someone still in the game.

This challenge was basically made for Laura M. She out hustles, out balances, and then out-puzzles the men easily to get the win. It's a race to second place between Brad and John, and John finishes just before Brad.

So it's so-long to "EFF YOU BRAD CULPEPPER." He does say to his wife before he goes, "I came here as your shield and I became more of an anchor. But now you can sail free," which is pretty accurate and very sweet.

Laura M. gives Vytas the clue to the hidden immunity idol, who is the third person to throw it in the fire. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. DON'T THEY LIKE IMMUNITY?!?! Seriously, I cannot get past this. No one is even looking for it! And these are seasoned veterans! Sorry for all of the exclamation points, it's just that I'm really passionate about the lack of interest in hidden immunity idols.

Before everyone goes back to business as usual, Jeff drops the "drop your buffs" bomb for a tribe shake-up. The new tribes are Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B., Kat and Vytas as the new Galang and Gervase, Tyson, Aras, Caleb, Hayden and Ciera on the new Tadhana.


Hayden is immediately PO'ed that there are three big men now in his camp eating his food. And Tyson is up to his old tricks eating more food than the rest of his tribe without them knowing.

Tyson is using his clever tricks to manipulate the rest of his tribe into thinking Aras is the one in charge. Aras was worried about placing a target on his own back, when in reality he should be watching behind him for Tyson, who is carefully fitting it on his back for him.

Tyson does also think to ask the old Tadhana members if anyone found the hidden immunity idol. Not only do they tell him now, but Caleb actually offers up the clue. Classic noob move.


Vytas immediately feels like an outsider on his new tribe. So he uses what he knows best to get through to the women-folk on his tribe, and that's exposing his vulnerability. He talks about his troubled past and his rocky relationship with his brother and virtually has all five of the women eating out of the palm of his hand instantly.

Immunity Challenge

For this week's challenge, the tribes have to send two members out at a time to open a gate under water and release a fish trap. After retrieving three traps and bringing them to shore, each tribe has to use the pieces in the traps to solve a puzzle. Winner gets immunity and a Survivor picnic basket.

The challenge starts off pretty even, but doesn't stay that way for long because Tina and Laura B. release their trap but swim all the way back to shore without it. So they have to swim a whole additional leg to go back and get it which puts Galang way behind. Tadhana is putting their puzzle together while Galang goes out to the water for their final trap.

But Tyson and Aras lose a lot of ground by putting the puzzle together incorrectly. And Tina and Monica think they have the puzzle done three times before Tadhana does, but Jeff tells them there's something wrong each time. Slowly but surely, Tyson and Aras finish the puzzle correctly before the ladies finish theirs and Tadhana wins immunity.

Loser Camp

Everyone is set to vote out Vytas and keep the girl power going until Kat unnecessarily stirs the pot. She brings up to Tina how now would be a good time to get rid of Monica, who has been strategizing way too much for her liking.

Of course it's Tina's strategy to tell Monica exactly what Kat said within seconds of her saying it. Monica is obviously not impressed with Kat's shiftiness. She thinks they may need to change the strategy tonight and vote out Kat instead of Vytas.

Tribal Council

Kat and Monica immediately start going at it with barely any prompting from Jeff. Monica lets Kat know right away that she doesn't trust her anymore, and how that's the only currency they have in this game.

Like a shark, Vytas smells Kat's fear right away. He starts to use her desperation to exploit her, telling them all that she's already proven to them that she can't be trusted, while he's there to give them all of his loyalty.

And of course, the ladies eat it right up and vote Kat out. Every time you think Vytas is being genuine or not playing this game 100 percent, I want you to think back to that challenge where he tried to take his brother out with a cheap shot. Vytas will literally do anything to win, and the interesting part is that no one around him seems to notice that.

On an amusing note, Kat seemed to take her torch-snuff a lot easier than she did her first time around. She is, however, worried about her new relationship with Hayden saying, "no one wants to date someone who doesn't make the merge." I guess that's as much incentive to stay in the game by winning RI challenges as any.

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