'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Underdogs Back on Top
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Underdogs Back on Top
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Everyone at Tadhana is still reeling after Caleb's big move at Tribal Council last week to vote out the outspoken Brad Culpepper. He insists that his feelings of mistrust toward Brad were just festering leading up to Tribal, but he had no initial plans of turning everything upside-down before the vote. Of course the girls are thrilled because they are still there and now Ciera even thinks she's in an alliance with Caleb.

Redemption Island

When Brad arrives at Redemption Island, the first thing he does to Candice is apologize for causing her any ill will. He tells her it was nothing personal, but Candice refuses to let go of her grudge, which is the only thing keeping her going these days.

At the RI challenge, Monica gets upset to see her husband has been voted off. She offers immediately to take his place, but he refuses her, saying that he is going to fight hard to stay in the game.

The challenge is for John, Candice and Brad to take apart a crate and build a bridge. Once the bridge is built, they have to disassemble it and then solve a puzzle with the painted side of the pieces.

Candice starts off with a strong lead, but it doesn't take John long to come out in front. He finishes first and then it comes down to the puzzle between Candice and Brad. It is literally almost too close to call, but Brad finishes just a second or two before her. And just like that, Candice and John are separated and another strong woman leaves the game. Boo.

John gives the hidden immunity idol clue to Monica again, who throws it right in the fire, AGAIN. It's kind of shocking how no one, on either tribe, is even looking for the idol. Especially on Galang. These veterans should know how valuable an idol can be, and they should also know some places to look without even getting a clue.


Laura M. tries to flirt her way into the majority alliance by massaging Aras. Aras knows what she's up to though and says that it's not helping her penetrate his alliance that includes Gervase, Tyson, Tina and Monica.

Laura B. feels like a bit of an outsider as well. She's not in on the Survivor emotional connection that the rest of her tribe mates feel toward each other.

Meanwhile, Monica is running her mouth about how great her husband is and how he's going to keep on winning and then how great it's going to be when he gets back in the game. Umm, girl cool it with the Brad Culpepper talk, you're making yourself a target.


Poor Tadhana is one great big mess right now. They're hungry and they're tired. The have bumps and bruises and Katie is horrifyingly losing toe nails left and right. But Vytas does think that there's a better energy around camp now that Brad is gone.

Neither Vytas or Hayden know exactly where they stand in this game now. Vytas says it's going to be hard for him to trust Caleb again after what he did at TC last week, but he's going to stay on his good side for now because he knows he's a swing vote. And Caleb is basking in his moment of victory.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge this week is for one member from each tribe to slide down a giant water slide, grab a ring, and toss it onto a post. Whichever tribe gets five rings on their posts first wins immunity. The winner also gets to choose from fishing gear or steak, veggies and spices.

Head to head, Tadhana gets off to a quick start with Caleb scoring over Gervase and Vytas scoring over Aras (this time fair and square). It's a relatively low-drama challenge and Tadhana finally comes out with a victory. Looks like they finally voted off the right person, "EFF YOU BRAD CULPEPPER" after all.

Loser Camp

Laura B. is worried that she's going to be the first one voted off Galang but she does her best to stir the pot before she goes. She tries to tell Tina and Kat that while she was sitting out the challenge with Monica and Laura M., they were talking a lot of smack about the other ladies. Unfortunately, no one buys her story.

Everyone seems to agree that Laura B. should be the one getting the ax tonight. Except Aras, who thinks just because Laura B. is the easy vote, doesn't mean that it's the right vote. He advocates getting rid of Laura M., who he thinks will have a better chance of beating Brad at RI, thus freeing up Monica of her potentially harmful alliance with her husband.

Tribal Council

Gervase and Tina talk about how different it is playing now opposed to when they played back in seasons one and two, respectively. Tina even says that she played more in five days than she did in her entire time in Australia!

Laura B. tries to prove her worth to Jeff, who basically tells her she doesn't belong there, rude Jeff. She says she works hard for the tribe and has been apart of everything since day one.

In the end, it looks like Aras convinced the rest of the tribe to go along with his plan and they vote Laura M. off in the first blindside at Galang. It was nice to finally see the other tribe at TC this week, though it is frustrating to see yet another strong woman voted off.

But it looks like they're shaking things up next week. What do you think?

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