'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Jury Watch: Why 'Rustling' Feathers was Great for Everyone (Except Katie)
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Jury Watch: Why 'Rustling' Feathers was Great for Everyone (Except Katie)
Hayley Igarashi
Hayley Igarashi
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Hold on to your torches, Survivor fans -- things are getting wacky and wonderful over on Palaui Island. While this season's poster child for go-with-the-flow blandness (i.e. Katie) has all but succumbed to her jury fate, Hayden's desperate play to stay in the game proved to be inspiring stuff. If you're the sort of person who gets inspired by dramatic, self-serving grand-standing, of course. (And who I am kidding? You watch Survivor, right?)

Let's break down Hayden's game play from last night and figure out what this all means for the approaching million dollar jury vote.

The Rustle Move

You can catch up with BuddyTV's full recap here, but suffice it to say Hayden pulled out a few loud, big moves to save his butt from torch extinction. He convinced (more accurately, told) Katie to vote for Monica, and swayed Ciera to do the same -- during a last ditch Final Council argument -- in order  to force a tie and the infamous drawing rocks scenario. 

Let's look at the numbers: By forcing his DIY alliance into a 3-3 tie with the mighty Tyson, Gervase, and Monica, Hayden insured that only Ciera, Katie, and Tyson would draw rocks (since Gervase nabbed Immunity and Monica and himself were exempt since initial votes were cast against them). That's going from a likely ousting to a 100% chance of seeing another day on the island. Good work, Hayden! In addition, he also had a 1/3 chance of booting Tyson, which could've turned the whole game on its head. 

Ultimately, Katie grabbed the White Rock of Doom, but she was on borrowed time anyway. (Also, Tyson and Hayden got into an argument over rustling feathering versus ruffling feathers, and it was everything I never knew I needed in my life.)

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What the Jury Saw

Okay, so Katie barely won herself any favors by drawing rocks -- mostly because she was sent packing to Redemption Island and partly because the so-called bravery Tyson and Jeff lauded her for was the result of following Hayden's lead. 

On the other hand, the Jury now sees some of the other players in varying degrees of favorable light. Hayden has always been one to talk about players' Final Tribal Council "resume", and with last night's nifty moves, he added a few impressive points to his own. If he can sneak his way into the Final 3, his rustling/ruffling will be a nice feather (haha) in his cap. Ciera is admittedly in a tough position, but she finally showed the jury something interesting and gutsy, which can't hurt. Tyson, King of the Island, also proved he's down to take a risk for his alliance by drawing rocks. Lastly, Monica and Gervase (tied for the second loser of this week's Jury Watch after Katie) did at least manage to lay more groundwork for how loyal they are to their alliance -- a factor that Final 3 contestants love to point to and jury members love to roll their eyes at.  

MonicaGervase.pngRedemption Island Talk 

Laura, Tina, and Katie. Let's be perfectly honest: Laura has this in the bag, right? Ciera's mother is a puzzle and balancing monster. Katie's already proved on multiple occasions that she's less talented at challenges than her mom Tina, and next week's teaser hints at Tina "not giving 100%" to allow her daughter to move on. Ugh. I mean, I understand this on a basic family level, but it still is sort of a bummer. So my prediction for next week? Tina's taking up that next jury seat.

katie-tina_t588.jpgNext Up

Last night's episode teaser was great because we also found out that Monica is going to get a storyline! Her husband will be so stoked. Though not at the fact that Tyson and Gervase view Monica as their "puppy dog", as reported by a tattling (or lying?) Ciera. 

Could we be seeing the hint of a strange and brilliant Hayden, Ciera, and Monica alliance against Tyson and Gervase? Or could Gervase act on his fear that he'll always come in second to Tyson? Please, Survivor gods, please. Of course, Tyson has another Immunity Idol -- good call on sharing that idol clue, Ciera -- but that just means we might get another epic Tribal Council.  

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